Project 365 2014 – Week 10

This week it has felt like Dorchester is my second home as I have been back and forth almost daily to visit my mum who managed to break her leg in three places.  She is in good spirits though and had another operation on Friday to insert a plate in her leg and is now in plaster.

Hubby has had two interviews this week but despite being promised a phone call on Friday by both companies we have heard nothing.  It is very frustrating and stressful as it would be nice to know one way or the other.

We have made the most of spending time together as hopefully he will be back at work very soon, not that he is getting under my feet or anything ;0)

Week 10


61.  Sorry if you are squeamish – this is mums ankle with scaffolding to support it

62.  Our local ice rink were running toddler sessions for just £4 so Eliza and I released our inner “Elsa” and had fun on the ice.  She preferred sitting on the seal to trying to skate, but who wouldn’t with mum pushing you round at high speed.

63.  We went into Poole for a wander and bumped into the Town Cryer – not someone you see everyday

64.  Eliza patiently waiting for her swimming lesson to start

65.  Eliza made some peg dolls all by herself – I was very impressed with her efforts

66.  I have never had so many comments about an outfit as I did today – all the mums fell in love with her red riding hood cape………the trainers did spoil the look though.

67.  The garden is finally dry enough to get the garden toys back out and the kids enjoyed jumping on the trampoline, swinging and trying to get Kian off the seesaw!


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20 thoughts on “Project 365 2014 – Week 10”

  1. Gosh your poor mum, I hope she’s doing alright. An ice rink with something for Eliza to sit on – that is genius! I love the photo of her with the peg dolls, that’s so lovely as is the one by the pool. Fingers crossed hubby has some good news on the job front, always stressful times.

    I don’t know yet but I might be seeing someone for work in Poole on Wednesday. I’ll let you know if I am (and have the car back!) x

  2. Sorry about your Mum and the job situation – it must be very frustrating. It does look like you are making the most of it though and still managing to have lots of fun.

  3. Oh your poor mum, three places is quite some break! I love the photo of Eliza in her swimming costume, and the three of them on the seesaw shows off the brilliant fun children can have together.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  4. OUCH! goodness 3 places? Lovely busy pictures of your littles. That ice skating looked fun…good exercise or just back braking for mum 🙂 Have to try my wee man on the ice next year. Those dolls are very cool.


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