A New Me!

A few weeks ago I was in Tesco doing our weekly shop with hubby and Sebastian when the kindly checkout lady asked me when my baby was due.  I wasn’t quite sure whether to laugh or cry – she obviously hadn’t noticed Sebastian in his car seat, but it became obvious to me that I need to do something about my body.

I have to admit that after being so good with my eating whilst suffering from Gestational Diabetes whilst pregnant with Sebastian, I did eat my weight splurge on Jaffa Cakes and other such goodies once he was here, meaning I weigh more now than when I gave birth.  The caesarean section also meant that I wasn’t as active for a good many weeks as I struggled to recover.

I may have mentioned that I turn 40 in June this year and am off to Britmums Live, so what better target is there than that?

I have used Thinking Slimmer before and often champion them on twitter with people looking to loose weight.  Listening to the lovely Trevor for just 10 minutes a day retrains the mind to change your eating habits and make the right food choices.  I normally have zero willpower when it comes to the sweet stuff, but now I find myself reaching for a carrot baton rather than a biscuit.

My main problem with food is that I hate waste and I often graze on the kids dinner.  It doesn’t help that hubby would get in from work at 8.30pm and we would eat late, plus cooking fresh at that time was a not something I wanted to do, especially when I am up with the kids at 5am.

After 6 babies my poor body has also taken a battering and I never really got any tone back after having Kian (number 3), who was also my biggest baby at 9lb 1oz.   I have suffered back pain at various points are having him and have now discovered I have diastasis recti too, which is in simple terms, the separation of the rectus abdominus muscles into right and left halves which is giving my stomach the pregnant look – I can get my fist in mine.

I have been told stomach exercises alone don’t give you a flat stomach –  doing the exercises… as well as re-aligning your posture, being functionally fit, eating the right food, balancing your hormones + reducing stress do.

Thinking Slimmer have joined forces with MuTu System., which gives you a program of corrective abdominal exercises.  These promise to give you a strong core + toned abs by strengthening your transverse abdominis muscle + reducing a diastasis – which will flatten the tummy.  Hopefully by losing the belly fat I might get to find and reveal my abs!

I started my 12 week program this week and to give me that extra bit of oomph I am sharing it with you. Here are my before pictures.

Mutu System

My starting measurements are:

Bust:  36″

Waist:  38″

Tummy:  42″

Hips:  42″

Thighs:  21″

Weight: 167lbs

Also helping me on my journey is the Fitbug Orb which is a fitness and sleep tracker.  This will help me monitor what I eat, the exercise I do and even my sleep patters.  I look forward to letting you know how I get on with it.

My target weight is:  140lbs

Dress size:  10/12

I plan to share my progress with you on the blog.  If you see me tweet about reaching for the biscuit tin, feel free to shout at me!

26 thoughts on “A New Me!”

  1. Good luck hun.

    I was looking at the Fitbug Orb the other day, it looks really good.

    I`ll be keeping an eye on your progress as I need to loose the baby weight too!! xxx

  2. best of luck hun i am the same always had a lovely figure even thru pregnancy nd afters but lately the hips and belly have just expanded it gets you down sometimes x

  3. Good Luck!! I had a 9lb 6oz baby (my only one) and it took me ages to lose the last bit of weight… after 6 babies I think it’s only natural your body might take a while to settle down again – it’s been very busy and worked really hard and needed a break! But now you’re ready to go and that’s great 🙂 Can’t wait to see how it goes (also I’ll be at BritMums Live so will be great to see you there!)

  4. Oh my goodness I just hate it when people make comments like that…I had one right before my very first wedding that I had planned and it put me off course for most of the day feeling uncomfortable in the outfit I’d chosen. But well done for you for taking as a positive…love the sound of the MuTu System, will look into this a bit more!
    Good luck!
    Katie x

  5. How rude of that woman to suggest you looked pregnant – you really don’t! If you don’t feel happy with your body though it is a good time to do something about it! I always find it easier to eat better once the sun comes out and the nights start getting lighter – I am a nightmare for binge eating in the winter! Good luck, I hope you manage to achieve the weight loss you want!

  6. Good Luck!! I wish you all the best! Cannot believe the rudeness from the lady at the supermarket!!! I have had similar comments before!! Look forward to meeting you at BritMums! 🙂

  7. Nooooo!!! I can’t believe you were asked that!! You obviously don’t look pregnant. I have to say I live in fear of being asked the same…when I put on weight now it is always around my stomach so I dread someone saying something. You’ve inspired me though…it’s time I took action too!! GOOD LUCK! x

  8. You’re not the only one who has had that comment, I have had it before too!! 🙁

    I’ll be really interested to see how you get on with this

  9. I shall totally be stalking your progress. I am planning to do a similar post for similar reasons, my youngest daughter poking me and asking if I had a baby in my tummy has spurred me on! 4 babies, 1 c-section and a hysterectomy have left me with the dreaded mother’s apron. I hope you reach your targets. I shall be following to see how it all goes for you. Good luck x

  10. Yo so do not look pregnant, tuts I was asked this at a wediing, I was size 10 at the time, it still crushed me. But it also spurred me on to tone up. I wish you tons of luck, its hard when the husbands come home late, I start to snack as I prepare dinner for my Granny earlier. Just get lots of fruit and healthy bits for grazing time.

  11. Good for you setting yourself a target, but also a presumptuous of the Tesco lady! I wouldn’t dream of saying that unless it was extremely clear that someone was pregnant. You just never know. Good luck on fitness and slimming. Look forward to seeing your progress x

  12. Good luck!! I’m doing the same programme… I was a bit keen and started early. I start week 5 this week and it’s going so well!!!
    You can track my progress if you like, hopefully we can help keep each other motivated 🙂

  13. Congratulations for taking the first steps. I really need to sort myself out but every time I start a new exercise regime I get ill and then I struggle to get back on track. I love the idea of Britmums as a target as I am going for the first time this year. I have been eating healthily since Christmas but just need to sort the exercise bit now. Good luck x

  14. Oh my gosh I can’t believe someone asked you when you were due, looking at these pictures you do NOT look pregnant!!! How rude! Anyway I’m interested in how it works for you, I really need to get back on the fitness wagon!


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