With the digital lifestyles of today most evenings are spent cooking dinner for the family while on Skype to a friend, watching your kids tweet about their day and Instagram their meal and finally watching a movie on Netflix before bed.

‘Quality time’ with the family has been lost and replaced with arguments over whose go it is next on the Xbox and what take-out to order online on a Saturday night. That’s why it is so refreshing to know there is a coffee brand out there that still appreciates the value of family. Caffè Cagliari is a family run company with over 100 years of passion for fine coffee. Due to their knowledge and tradition each cup tastes perfect and gives you that boost for the day ahead. In the evening you could relax with a Deca coffee and plan some family time for the weekend ahead. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Switch Off the TV and WiFI

The kids are tired after a long day at school and you have been rushed off your feet all day, so yes sitting together of the evening and watching TV does make sense. Sometimes it the TV can even be educational, but it certainly does not encourage conversation. In fact your kids are probably tweeting about their day instead of telling you, so why not lay down some ground rules? It could be no TV or internet while eating dinner, or taking a coffee/milkshake break after school to chat about your day – anything to spark some family interaction no matter how small.

Introduce Story Time

This one works well if you have little ones in the family. Take a break from scrolling through Netflix and get a book out from the local library or even better one of your childhood favourites. Telling stories can be fun for all of you, better yet make your own stories, they will certainly be memorable!

Get Green Fingers

Why not get digging in the garden? You could plant flowers and watch them grow or grow own vegetables and make lush homemade meals. If you’re someone who needs a coffee to get you going in the morning you could use the waste coffee grounds as compost!

Plan a Day Trip

From walks in the park, trips to the Zoo and the hustle and bustle of theme parks kids and adults alike love a good day out. It can sometimes be hard to spare a full day during the weekend, but a trip to the local park can include feeding the ducks and treating everyone to an ice-cream! If you have children in their teens theme parks are always a win! Just plan it in advance so the whole family can have something to look forward too.

How do you spend quality time with your family?

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