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For those of you that follow my blog you will know I am currently doing a weightless program with Thinking Slimmer.

I saw great results in my first two weeks and although the weight loss has slowed down I am really starting see changes in my eating habits.  I now recognise when I am full and have stopped picking at food during the day.

My second challenge is to tone up.  I have a very pronounced “mummy tummy” thanks to diastasis recti and often describe myself as apple shaped.  To help with this I am combining Thinking Slimmer with the MuTu System.

The MuTu System is a 12 Week Program and combines MuTu System tummy flattening, core strengthening, pelvic floor restoring expertise, with an eating plan + safe, low impact, intensive workouts to help you tone, shape, drop fat + lose weight.

MuTu Focus deals purely with restoring core + pelvic floor function, narrowing a diastasis recti + flattening + strengthening the muscles of your tummy by training your core + adjusting your alignment. It is NOT a weight loss program. There’s no food stuff, + you won’t break a sweat. It’s gentle, but very, very effective. If you have pelvic or core issues such as (but not limited to) hernia, prolapse or SPD, this is the program for you.

I have to admit I put off starting the MuTu Focus as the kids were poorly but now I am kicking myself.  It takes just 15 minutes a day and you don’t even have to do all the exercises / stretches at once.  The exercises are so gentle you wonder if they are actually doing anything, however three days in and I could feel my core muscles aching.  They weren’t painful, but just enough to know that what I was doing was starting to work and it is nice getting re-acquainted with them.

I am now ten days in and I can feel them getting stronger almost everyday and my posture has definitely improved.  Week 2 is all about posture and aligning the body correctly and one of the promises is to wear flat shoes.  Having worn fit flops for a good couple of years due to foot pain this was initially a worry, but when Wendy said that Converse Trainers were considered flat it gave me the perfect excuse for some new shoes and I am kicking myself for not trying them sooner.  They are so comfortable, although it does feel weird wearing flat shoes again after so long.

MuTu System


Eliza loves joining me when I do my exercises, although I am not sure the one pictured was quite what I was trying to achieve.  Her squats put mine to shame and Sebastian finds it hilarious watching us.

The other weapon in my armoury is my new Fitbug Orb which I was sent to review.  It is a button size device which is designed to expand health tracking.  It tracks and syncs activities and movements including:

  • Steps
  • Aerobic steps / time
  • Distance
  • Calories Burned
  • Speed
  • Sleep

FitBug Orb

There are multiple wear options including:

  • Wrist Strap (like a watch)
  • Belt Hook
  • Underwear Clip
  • Lanyard

All updates and progress can be viewed on the Fitbug app and it really is eye opening!


The Fitbug definitely gives me a metaphorical kick up the bum if I haven’t done enough exercise in a day.  Last week the kids were ill and my lack of exercise shows but I did make sure that I tried to improve on other days.  My sleep quality is always above 85%  though despite 2-3 wake ups a night which I find bizarre.

You can also add your meals online to accurately track what you are eating as well as your measurement goals.  You can even track blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar and even water drunk!


I do have a couple of grumbles with the fitbug – I cannot update my data on the phone, I have to login on the PC which can be a pain and the wrist strap comes undone as there is no proper buckle on it.

Three weeks in to my “New Me” regime I have lost 9lbs and at least an inch off my waist, tummy and hips – the perfect start!

17 thoughts on “Getting in Shape”

  1. Well done, you are doing really well. I have just started listening to my Thinking Slimmer again, it definitely does work. I think MUTU sounds exactly what I need as my tummy and core is not great. You pretty much described me. I am trying to get back on track with my Fitbug as my new laptop is taking more setting up than I expected.

    keep up the good work x

  2. congratulations on following through on your weigh less plan and fitness regime! Being a fan of strictly come dancing I know how important core strength is,even if I don’t know how to get it!x

  3. 9lbs that’s fab well done! I would love to be able to tone up but after the twins I have started to accept that my belly will never be the same after stretching so far, I was huge, and the muscle damage my bump caused. That gadget sounds great, when the twins start school I am going to concentrate on me a little but more so might look into getting one then xx

  4. I’m sitting here pulling my tummy in now as we type… is that good enough?! You’ve reminded me I was supposed to be doing some exercise today… but instead I’ve done baking for the school Easter fair tomorrow! Oops. Good luck with it all x

  5. Wow congratulations on the weight loss, I really need to trim off the christmas excess that is hanging around. I could do with a fit bug! x

  6. oh i want one of those watches they look fab , im currently re evaluating my lifestyle and looking at how i cn improve my health

  7. It takes a lot of bottle to follow a weight loss program. I give you a lot of credit for sticking to it and getting it to work. Cheers

  8. Congrats on coming up with a good plan and sticking to it. I like the fitbug a lot also; it kind of forces you to be accountable.

    Glad you recognized that good shoes are important. Many people skimp on this. I have had a lot of foot pain over the years that were initiated by poor footwear.

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