Supermarkets do Home Decor

We moved into our house 9 years ago, having bought it as a “doer up project”.  There was nothing hugely wrong with it as it was mostly cosmetic but we never envisaged just how much it would cost and 9 years on we still haven’t finished.

When we moved in our bedroom was a rusty orange colour so one of my first jobs was to throw a coat of magnolia paint on the walls with the view to decorating properly in the future, which never quite happened.

I was set a challenge by the people at Debt Free Direct to do some savvy shopping in line with their Making Money Go Further blog and see which if I could transform our bedroom using supermarket own brand products.

The first job was to prep the room.  We had a weird hardboard box running from floor to ceiling that appeared to be stuck on one wall and when tapped it sounded hollow.  It was about a foot square and I have been desperate to get rid of it since we moved in.


Turns out it housed an old ceramic vent pipe from the old warm air boiler system.  You wouldn’t believe how heavy it is and we couldn’t get it out.  What hubby has done (apart from breaking his hammer) is dropped it through the floor into the cupboard below for now.  It looks like we will have to knock the cupboard out to remove it sadly.

The next job was to prep the walls ready for the paint and make my colour choices.  We had our windows replaced a couple of years ago as we had some mould problems.  Although this has been cured there were still marks on the walls from where we had mould in the past so I cleaned again with some bleach to make sure it doesn’t come back.

I chose Wilkinson Silk emulsion in Duck Egg and Moonlight White for the walls and ceiling along with the Wilko Balance Allium Duvet Set Kingsize.

 I also wanted  a new girly lamsphade and I chose the Loretta from Sainsbury’s  
Being a house built in the 1960’s we don’t have enough plugs, but we have room for one bedside light and the Mint Pebble from Asda suits the room perfectly.
Bedroom choice
Now the painting could begin!
Bedroom decorating
Two walls and ceiling have been painted in the Moonlight White and the other two in the Duck Egg blue.  I plan to make the white wall behind our bed a picture wall with lots of canvas prints of our favourite pictures on display.
finished bedroom
The only thing I need to finish is a little bit of coving where we removed the false wall and replace the old pink carpet.
I had never thought of using supermarket own brand products for decorating before but I have been pleasantly surprised by the good quality and reasonable prices.  The lampshade is definitely my favourite accessory and I admire it every time I walk into the room.
These products were sent to me courtesy of Debt Free Direct. However, all opinions in this post are 100% my own.

14 thoughts on “Supermarkets do Home Decor”

  1. Great transformation – love the colour!

    We’ve bought paint and other DIY stuff from Wilko before, and the supermarkets have a great range of home interior goodies.

    Really need to get going on our (what feels like gazillions) projects x

  2. There is always something to throw a spanner in the works when you start decorating isn’t there!

    It is amazing what you can buy from supermarkets these days isn’t it. It just shows you don’t need much money to completely transform a room. It looks great!

  3. Decorating is never straight forward, my husband always refers to the “80:20 rule”. 80% of the work takes 20% of the time – the last 20% takes 80% of the time. True for most things, especially the unexpected issues that crop up in decorating! Your bedroom looks great 🙂

  4. Well done, it looks really refreshed! I often go to the supermarket to get paint and things, I got my blackboard paint from Wilkos and their brand was better than dulux! x

  5. Wow! According to Lorri Dyner Design, decorating a living room can fall into one of three budgets: budget, mid-range, and high. Budget is $2,000. Mid-range is $10,000. High-end is $33,000+. It’s awesome that some people manage to do this way cheaper!


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