Fisher Price First Steps Jumperoo

Introducing a brand new way for baby to jump, walk and play!

The Fisher Price First Steps Jumperoo.

First, it’s a free-standing jumper, rewarding every bounce and move with music, lights and sounds. The seat spins 360° so your little one can see all around.

What makes this different from the original Jumperoo is that the frame also extends to let baby walk back and forth, taking their first steps!

Colourful, busy toys include a bat-at birdie, butterfly bead bar, lion mirror and musical light- up frog roller ball etc and the plush seat pad is comfortably padded and all importantly, machine washable and dryer safe.

First Steps Jumperoo

Sebastian had the Rainforest Jumperoo and adored bouncing up and down, but this adds a whole new level of play.

He is not taking any steps yet, but when we extend the frame he adores making is move along by bouncing forwards or backwards.  He is quite happy with it set at normal size too and has mastered how to spin himself around in the seat to get to the toys he wants to play with.

Fisher Price have thought of everything – there is nothing for him to catch his little fingers on as there is a colourful netting protector at each side.  It has 3 height settings so it will grow with baby too.

The Jumperoo isn’t small, the dimensions are 24.5 x 8.5 x 32 inches when not extended, so if you are limited on space I wouldn’t recommend it.  It does however offer you a little bit of independence from baby.  Sebastian loves going in his when I am cooking tea, or playing with Isaac / Eliza and it will last longer than the traditional jumperoo as they are able to use it when they first start walking to practice those all important steps.

It is also quite noisy too.  The music plays at two levels, but the toys bounce off the plastic which makes a knocking sound that delights baby, not so much anyone that may be asleep upstairs when you get up at 6am.  That said the Jumperoo has been invaluable in our house as it keeps Sebastian entertained whilst I am helping the older kids with their homework etc.

Disclaimer: I was sent the Fisher Price First Steps Jumperoo to review.  All opinions are my own.

26 thoughts on “Fisher Price First Steps Jumperoo”

  1. Its huge when you watch the video. Sebastian bouncing in it is the best advert ever, no need for words though you described it well. It is noisy with the dangly toys knocking against it. I love it! Looks great fun.

  2. All three of mine have loved similar styles of toy when they were babies! I remember longing for a Jumperoo for Syd, but budgets didnt quite stretch and we ended up with a second hand version of something similar.

  3. This looks amazing and Sebastian looks like he’s having a ball! We’ve go the Rainforest Jumperoo which amuses Harry for long periods of time and he enjoys bouncing around all over the place but it does restrict movement so i’m pleased that they’ve expanded the range to include one that actually allows them to take their first steps. Brilliant idea! xxx

  4. And I didn’t think you could improve on a Jumperoo! Our three all adored spending time in their Rainforest Jumperoo- I’d hate to think how much longer they’d have been in there if they’d have been able to be mobile!
    Looks fantastic.

  5. We had the original jumperoo for F when he was tiny and he loved it! It would have been interesting to see what he thought of this one, oh to be oh so small again! X

  6. Could you please tell me, what age was Sebastian when you first put him in this? Some recommendations seem to be that they need to be able to sit independently, others just say good head control. Any advice on that? My bub is not quite sitting on his own, but if I get this as a Christmas present he should be by then, hopefully!


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