Fisher-Price Imaginext Alpha Explorer Playset

With the Fisher-Price Imaginext Alpha Explorer, kids become part of an outer space world of adventures where they control the action!

Look out, there’s an asteroid headed straight for the space station! Young space enthusiasts help protect the Alpha Explorer by using the moveable projectile launcher to blast away incoming objects!

When Isaac decides it’s time to explore the depths of space, he turns the activation disk on the base of the station to release the hose connectors and prepare the shuttle for launch. He then places the space figure in the cockpit upside down and presses the button on the shuttle to hear a countdown.


It’s now time to grab the shuttle and fly through outer space, firing “laser” projectiles at any aliens they encounter! Mission complete!

Imaginext Alpha Explorer
Isaac adores Imaginext toys and they all come with the same foot plates that mean you can use your existing characters from other sets.  We currently have the skeleton pirates from his Pirate Ship being used as the enemy aliens that he can fight against and Batman and his crew as the good guys!

The Alpha Explorer play set is suitable for ages 3 and up.  It encourages children to use their fine motor skills by turning the space figure on lower activation disk to open & release space ship and turn space figure on upper activation disk to activate spinning ring jail.  Lift the lever to raise the platform and take the space figure up to the shuttle, and then fit him inside the cockpit ready for lift off.

Press button on front of shuttle to hear cool sound effects & phrases and another button to fire “laser” projectile from moveable launcher.

You can watch Isaac describing how it works below

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  1. Imaginext are great toys and they last for years. I have friends whose 7 year olds are still playing with their Imaginext. Definitely a great investment and wonderful for imaginative play. Love the video!


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