Garden Revamp

Despite promising that last year was going to be the year we finally revamped our garden, it never happened for all sorts of reasons.  I was out of action after having a caesarian, hubby was always at work and we were having lots of fun enjoying a rare hot summer at the beach.

I am determined that this year it will get done.

The one thing we are really missing is a patio / decking area where we can sit and relax outside.  I toyed with the idea of decking, but having seen my neighbour slip on hers and badly injure her arm I have thought again.  I like the look of decking and have found a great alternative to try.  Reformed Plastics do decking made from recycled plastic which is not only environmentally friendly, requires little maintenance and has a much longer life span that wood (approximately 40 years).

I would also like to flatten out my garden.  The previous owners had a rockery and since removing it the ground is uneven.  We still find random rocks / stones lurking in it too.

I am toying with the idea of artificial grass as we live in a terrace and carrying the lawn mower through the house is always a challenge which I fail at every time, leaving mud and grass trailing behind me.  This would also mean that we didn’t have to move the numerous kids toys we have in the garden to mow the lawn.

Our garden

I find flower beds too much maintenance but the kids love planting and growing flowers in their pots, so would just have a few colourful planters and hanging baskets dotted around the garden to give it a bit of extra colour.

The one thing I would like to invest in is some comfortable and stylish garden furniture so I can relax in the garden whilst watching the children play.  I love this Borneo mix and match set from Asda.

Adsa Borneo Range

If I could fit in a larger swing set or climbing frame I would also try to squeeze one in too as they are always fighting over the one swing and I keep having to change the seats over.  I am not quite sure where we would put it though – just look at all our garden toys!

Garden Toys

Are you thinking of doing your garden this year?  What are your plans?

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  1. I think installing artificial grass would make your life a lot easier. It will also give you more time to enjoy your garden area with your kids, because you won’t be doing any maintenance work.


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