A Birthday Trip to Peppa Pig World

We spent a lot of time at Paultons Park and Peppa Pig World last year as we had season passes.  Sadly they ran out earlier this year and we didn’t get to use them when the park re-opened in February as we would have had to pay for Isaac as he is now over a metre tall and with hubby not working it was too expensive.

Over the winter months Paulton’s park has been busy having a brand new entrance and toy shop built, plus a new double-decker Carousel which I have been desperate to try, so when Joanne from Charliemoos suggested we went to Peppa Pig World for Olive’s 3rd birthday I couldn’t say no.

As you can imagine the girls were in their element.  The only challenge was getting them to agree on which ride they wanted to try first!

Peppa Pig World

Thankfully they decided on Grandpa Pig’s Boat first, before heading off for a balloon ride and to explore Peppa’s house where we discovered that Daddy Pig isn’t very good at tossing pancakes!

Peppa Pig World

The girls and Sebastian got to enjoy all the rides before we had some lunch, where we were joined by some friendly ducks.

Peppa Pig World


It was then time to hit the park.  Sadly, despite taking our swimwear, it was just too cold to enjoy the Muddy Puddles splash park but the kids had fun anyway.  Olive decided to see if Mr Potato was actually made of potato and attempted to take a bite out of his hand!

Peppa Pig World

The thing I love about Peppa Pig World and Paultons Park is the attention to the smallest detail.  Peppa Pig World looks just like the cartoon, they have the music playing in the background so the kids think they are really there.  The park is so clean you could almost eat your dinner off it and the landscaping is amazing!  Even the toilets come equipped with fold down toddler seats, perfect for little bottoms.

Just outside the entrance to Peppa Pig World is the new Carousel and it doesn’t disappoint!

Surrounded by plants that are pruned into Victorian carnival themed shapes and the most spectacular horse and carriage it is beautiful!  I cannot wait to see it when the plants are thicker.

Paultons park

The girls couldn’t wait to climb aboard the Carousel and chose to ride in the Princess carriage.

Paulton's Park

Sadly it was then time to make a move home to pick up their respective big brother’s and sister, but not before we checked out the new shop.

As with the park it is simply stunning, with animatronic characters and sparkling lights around every corner.  They have a very impressive range of toys too, and both girls ended up taking home a new My Little Pony.

Paultons Park

I have now renewed my season pass and can’t wait to go back and explore the rest of the park as there is so much more to see!

23 thoughts on “A Birthday Trip to Peppa Pig World”

  1. looks fabulous we never got t go to pepper pig world, seems its too far from us and lil ones are now too old x

  2. I am so glad you posted this – i have a crazed Peppa fan and at two i wasnt sure if she is still too young to go. I think another few months and we will go but thanks for supplying lots of great pics!

  3. My little one has abandoned Peppa in favour of Sponge Bob, but I’m sure she would love it there, heck, I even fancy a visit for my own pleasure!

  4. Wow Kara this looks absolutely amazing. I need to take my two here. Peppa is huge in this house even though neither have ever watched the show. lol Love all the amazing photos too! Sounds like a great place for families for sure and your kiddies seem to have given it their approval with their big smiles and happy ice cream faces! So cute.

  5. I live around 5 minutes from Peppa Pig World and we love visiting. There is so much to do and something suitable for everyone. Max adores Peppa and we are hoping to visit there again this summer.

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