Its all about the Tail

When we found out we were going to Camp Bestival my first thoughts were not of the practicalities like a tent or sleeping arrangements but “what are we going to dress up as?”

When we went last year I was surprised at how much effort goes into the fancy dress.  We saw a whole family dressed as cabin crew along with their cart which was transformed into probably the most impressive airplane that doesn’t fly that I have ever seen, a whole family of Where’s Wally and a stunning butterfly (the daughter of Tattooed Mummy) plus many, many more.

As the whole family are going, space is at a premium and I don’t want to take too much fancy dress with us as I know Eliza will want to take her whole collection of princess dresses.

I was then contacted by TellTails asking if I would be interested in reviewing a tail.  One look at their website and I knew I had found what I was looking for!

With Tails available in both adult and child sizes you can transform yourself into a host of different animals or characters.  The only problem I had was choosing with one we wanted to try.


I chose the Cheshire Cat as I Eliza and Isaac love Alice in Wonderland and I think that would be an amazing theme for our fancy dress.  Eliza tried the tail on and although it fit her, she didn’t like the fact that the curve in the tail kept bumping her in the head.  Isaac on the other hand LOVES it and it was a real battle to get him to take it off!

They are really light weight and easy to wear too.  This one has shoulder straps to keep it upright but some of the others just attached around the waist.

What’s more – they do adults ones too!

I will definitely be adding to our tail collection……..which one would you choose?

For more information on their range and offers you can like TellTails on Facebook and follow them on twitter at @TellTails2012



16 thoughts on “Its all about the Tail”

  1. How cute are these? My husband doesn’t do fancy dress but if we were ever to get invited to a fancy dress party I am sure I could manage to even persuade him to don a tail!

  2. Love it! My eldest went through a stage of thinking he was a monkey and spent several months with a makeshift tail attached to everything he wore. He would have been over the moon with a proper tail like this!

  3. haha aw thats adorable he looks like hes loving it , my little ones would make p so many games with that x

  4. Hooray for tails! We have a selection of dinosaur tails here! My little one isn’t keen on fancy dress but he is happy to wear a tail with a hoodie 🙂 I’ll definitely be checking out Tell Tails, thank you x


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