Gumigem Gumidrop Review

I have been a fan of Gumigem since I first discovered them when Isaac was a baby 6 years ago.

I have watched them build their brand and introduce new styles of teething jewellery over the years and even reviewed them when Eliza was a baby.

I was contacted last month and invited to review one of their new products – the Gumidrop necklace which is a magical combination of bead and a pebble shaped silicone ..perfect little drops for those aching sore gums to chomp on.

The necklace is also ideal for entertaining little ones when breastfeeding, in a sling or just carrying around as we discovered when exploring London last weekend.



The beads are attached to a 90cm black cord complete with a breakaway clasp – just in case they yank a little too hard.

Sebastian has seen 3 teeth come though all at once and this is his preferred teething product as he can get the beads to where is giving him the most pain.

The main bonus for me is that they look great.  I much prefer these to the pendants as they looks like proper necklaces and really jazz up an outfit.  What’s more is that they have some fabulous colours to choose from and coordinating bangles to complete your outfit.

If you have a teething baby, or even a child that likes to chew – check out the Gumigem range – you won’t be disappointed!

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