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I have been using twitter since 2009 and Facebook even longer and can normally pick up social media sites relatively easily.

At the beginning of the year I was asked to join a local networking group, Lemur Linkup, which is a child friendly business network hosted at Lemur Landings Soft Play Centre in Dorset, alongside Emma from ThePRMummy and Joanne from Charliemoos.

We are all busy Mums with blogs and businesses and we all know how difficult, sometimes frustrating and lonely it can be trying to build up your business, whilst trying to learn new things and do the school run.

The one thing I found from these meetings is how little some people know about Social Media.  Twitter almost seems to be a swear word and most businesses seem to choose to do either Facebook or twitter not both.

I have to admit that when I started blogging almost three years ago I knew nothing.  Talk of SEO (search engine optimisation), plug-ins, google analytics and HTML saw me running for the hills, but gradually over time I have started to learn and understand more than I ever thought possible.

Is it worth doing social media as a business?

Yes, yes, yes, yes!!!

I have been introduced to so many wonderful products that I would never have known existed if it were not for social media and blogs.  In fact 99% of my shopping is done online these days as I cannot face hauling the kids to the shops which are always met with pleas of “I want”!

Making sure that search engines can find your business is imperative too.  Think about what you type into google (other search engines are available) and then use those keywords when linking to your product.  It is obvious when you think about it logically but I would have never had known if I hadn’t been taught.

I have been extremely lucky that I have had the time to learn, however if you have a business to run too I can fully understand why adding in extra work will send a chill down your spine.  Thankfully there are agencies such as Total Media, a digital agency in London, that can do it for you.

Before you visit an agency, do your research and have an idea about what you want and what your business needs.  How active they are themselves on social media and what kind of top tips for social media they have on their blogs? How many Instagram followers do they have? If they appear to know their stuff and are a bit of an expert in the genre then I would be more likely to believe they would do a good job for me.

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  1. Having a social media presence is so important to small businesses that I think if you can’t undertake the tasks yourself it is totally imperative that you hire someone! You NEED to be on social media!


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