Child Safety Bracelet from I Am Lost Review

With the summer holidays inching ever closer I am busy planning ideas for days out.

One of my biggest fears is that one of the children will wander off, and with us going to three festivals this year I need something that will help put my mind at ease.

Introducing “I Am Lost” by the brains behind one of my other family favourites Gumigem.

The I Am Lost Child Pack is ideal for busy outings!

It is a simple, adjustable identity bracelet which is bright and recognisable, with full instructions to follow to get in touch with you quickly, that can be used time and time again.

Because your details are stored on a website rather than on the bracelet itself they are easy to change if you move house or change your phone numbers.

You are given a code to write on a piece of paper that is concealed inside a small pocket inside the bracelet, once the code is entered into the website or app, the system will reveal your phone number. The system will call around 3 different numbers until someone answers. This allows you to locate your child quickly and be reunited with them.

I am lost

I love the idea behind this and it is cheaper than some of the alternatives out there but I do have some issues with it.

It is advised you write your unique code on the white part of the paper that slots into the bracelet using a Sharpie type pen.  My unique code is a mix of nine letters and numbers and there was no way this would fit into this small space even with a biro – never mind a Sharpie.

My other issue is that as the bracelet is velcro, so it is easy for Eliza to take on and off.  She is terrible with jewellery and is constantly playing with it so I would worry she would do the same with this.  A simple catch that an adult could undo in case of emergency that stops small hands undoing the bracelet would make this more usable for me.

The website also features a stamp it pack that can be used to label everything from soft toys to pencil cases and world on metal, wood and fabric.  Perfect for when children drop their beloved toy on a day out!

For more news, offers and information you can follow I Am Lost on twitter at @iamlost_jenny or like their Facebook page .



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