The London Eye Review

At the beginning of the year we bought annual Merlin passes for £79 which allow you entry to all the theme parks that are part of their group.

Although it is quite a large expense it has already saved us money as we have used them to visit Legoland, Thorpe Park, Madam Tussaud’s (twice), and Weymouth Sealife Centre and Tower.

For my birthday I really wanted to visit the Shard, however we were put off by the extortionate prices of £35 per adult and £30 per child, which meant a trip up a building to look out the window was going to cost us £130.  I still cannot understand how they get away with charging so much money.

The London Eye is part of the Merlin group and the little ones haven’t been on it before so we decided to head there instead as the views are just a good, plus it seems like a massive fairground ride to the kids.

Isaac did have a little wobble before we got on, asking if it would make his “tummy funny” but was reassured that it went round so slowly you don’t actually realise you are moving.

We got there at opening time and queued for around 15 minutes to board, taking it in turns to hold Sebastian as although we could take the buggy on board, it had to be folded up.

London Eye

All nervousness in the children soon disappeared and they were fascinated by what they could see.  Even Sebastian appeared to enjoy himself and happily stood at the window taking it all in.

London Eye

The information points in the Pods were really helpful when trying to identify some buildings and Isaac especially enjoyed reading these and then pointing out what he could see.

The flights take 30 minutes and you can combine tickets with other London events to save money if you don’t have a Merlin pass like us.

London Eye


It is worth buying tickets prior to your visit as the queues were really picking up as we got off the London Eye and I have seen lots of discounts online with up to 89% off so do shop around.

The adjoining shop has lots of souvenirs and all important toilets for toddlers that decide they need a wee  just as you are getting off the eye……..I would advise you get them to go before they get on, although thankfully we made it!

When we got off, we hopped on the tube and headed off to Madam Tussauds………..

11 thoughts on “The London Eye Review”

  1. It looked like they had an amazing time on the eye. I’ve promised to take my boys next time we go to London to visit family.

    Hope you enjoyed Madam Tussauds!

  2. I’ve been living in or near to London for years now and have still not been on the London Eye! I wasn’t sure my young children would find it that interesting, but maybe now I’ll have a rethink.

  3. All my life I have lived in England, been to London many times and yet still haven’t been on the London eye. It looks fantastic.

    You look like you had a really good time and the kids look like they enjoyed it too :).

    I’m going to make a promise that before Christmas I will go on this 🙂 hehe


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