Percy at the Wash Down by Mega Bloks

We were sent Percy at the Washdown by Megablocks to review and being aimed at age 3 and up I thought the set would be perfect for Eliza!

Have your little conductor guide Percy to the water tower for a good shower after a long day of work with Percy at the Wash Down by Mega Bloks Thomas & Friends!

The set comes in a nice sturdy box with building plates on the lid and all the blocks and a large booklet with the  instructions on how to build the set on the inside.

Follow the big red flag to the huge water tower, close the gate and line him up under the shower head to get cleaned up after a hard day on the railroad!

Raise the gate to let a tidy Percy chug back onto the tracks and settle down for a good night’s sleep in his engine shed. Store all your blocks inside the storage bin when playtime is over for a quick and easy cleanup!


The Mega Bloks are not the chunky cheap plastic blocks they used to be, but much more like Duplo these days.

Eliza didn’t want to follow the instructions and was just putting blocks together to build towers, so Isaac took over and started to build the Washdown.

Sadly the set was even too complicated for him and he lost interest.  I have got it out a few more times for the children I look after, but it never quite gets finished – I even had a go and gave up!

The book of instructions is huge and I am not sure if it is this that puts them off.  All the bricks were loose in the box, whereas with the LEGO that they’re used to, it is all separated out into small bags so you build a section at a time which makes it feel far less complicated.

I do believe a Thomas fan would love playing with this, but they will need lots of help from Mum or Dad to put it together for them first!

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