Tung Toos® – fun tattoos for the tongue

We have a new mini craze at home at the moment, which is as popular with the teens as it is with the little ones.

Let me introduce you to Tung Toos ® – temporary fun tattoos for the tongue!


1. Stick out tongue.

2. Place tattoo flat on tongue.

3. Hold in place no longer than 1-2 seconds

4. Lift off carefully to avoid smudging

5. Stick tongue out at nearest friend.


Tung Toos

Tung Toos are calorie free, fruit flavoured and last just 10 minutes, less if you have a drink.  They are also nut, dairy and gluten free but for a full range of allergy information click here.

Tung Toos are on twitter at @TungToos or you can find them on Facebook here.

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