Hair loss in women

Hair loss in women is surprisingly common and can be caused by a number of factors.

While it may be distressing, the condition is usually temporary and treatments are available:


Corticosteroids are steroids, a type of hormone treatment prescribed by clinicians.  

It can take a few months for corticosteroid treatment to take effect and there are side effects.  Steroids can be administered by injection or by applying a lotion to the scalp.

Other medical treatments are available, usually in topical lotions that are applied directly to the skin in the affected area, however, the success rates are generally quite low


In cases where bald patches appear on the scalp, adding hair extensions to the existing hair can be an effective way of disguising thin sections.

The effects can be dramatic and although this treatment isn’t cheap, you can often reuse the hair when the extensions need to be removed and reapplied. 

There’s a small element of discomfort involved and you must be prepared to have the extensions reapplied as your hair grows. 

If extensions are properly done and carefully managed they should not cause any damage to the existing hair. Look out for specialist hair salons with stylists trained in trichology when considering this option.

Wigs and hair systems

For more extreme cases of hair loss, a wig or hair system may be a better option, offering complete coverage and peace of mind. 

Most wigs or hair systems will last a long time and are fixed to the scalp using medical tape or an adhesive gel. Real human hair can be used, however, synthetic hair is an alternative and is usually less expensive.

There are many different options in terms of hair systems available, so look for private clinics and salons which specialise in hair loss conditions where you can book a consultation to discuss your options. 

Hair transplant

.  This is a surgical treatment in which hair follicles are removed from areas where they are plentiful and implanted where they are scarce. This means it is only an option if you have areas on your scalp where the hair is growing well.

You can visit to read more regarding hair transplant & hair loss treatments.

As with any surgical procedure there are some risks, however, transplantation works very well in most cases and can offer a solution to women with pronounced hair loss. There is some swelling and recovery time required, as well as medication to control pain and prevent against infection.

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  1. These treatments sound great, thank you, but I was wondering if you put them onto damp hair before shampooing is it enough to just rinse them out with warm water or can you go ahead and shampoo as normal afterwards? I’ve used coconut oil in particular on my hair before (overnight) and I think just rinsing it out with water would leave the hair quite greasy.

  2. The most successful way to fix the hair loss problem is by hair transplantation and surely the world knows about it Over the years, hair transplant surgery has become popular.

  3. Great Article. Thank you for sharing this informative post. You might want to do vibrant research before choosing anyone if you consider getting cosmetic surgery. You can get easily confused with the vast amount of choices.


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