A Hidden Gem

I pride myself on knowing all the good places to take the kids locally, but what’s this……… a play park I didn’t know about?

It can’t be?

Hubby saw an amazing park tagged on someone’s Facebook feed, and it was one neither of us had heard of or seen before.

Doing some research I soon found it set in the heart of the multi-millionaires village of Canford Cliffs in Poole, so planned a visit to see what all the fuss was about.

I give you the Treasure Island Play Park!

Treasure Island play park

With a Pirate theme running through the whole park the kids had a blast.

The first port of call was the double swing, which quite happily seats five children, or two children with a Mummy (or Daddy) in-between.  I have to admit that this was probably my favourite piece of equipment in the park and think every park should have one!

Treasure Island play park

We explored every inch of the park, finding ship wrecks and treasure along the way.  The play equipment included a rocking boat, a bouncy dolphin, a roundabout that you wound up and then let go and it spun you to the floor, plus a wrecked Pirate Ship climbing frame and canon!

There was lots of role play with the children pretending to be Pirates and they made friends with other children playing in the park.  At one point there was a resounding version of “What shall we do with the Drunken Sailor” being sung!

Treasure Island play park

We even got to hoist a flag!

My one grumble about the park is the lack of equipment for younger children, but then Sebastian would spend all day on the swing if he could.

It is definitely a park we will visit again, plus its a short walk to the beach.  Whilst I was there I got chatting to another Childminder who told me all about Pinecliff Play Sculptures which are around the corner – that’s another day out to plan for!.

When looking for play park, check your local council website……I wish I had done it sooner!

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