Totseat Portable highchair

Totseat is the multi-award winning washable, squashable highchair, which makes mealtimes on the move quick and easy.

The pocket-sized Totseat is perfect for impromptu dining, whether it’s a family BBQ, a picnic in the park, a quick stop off at the coffee shop or dinner at Nanny’s house.

The Totseat ensures that little ones are catered for, with minimum hassle and in the most hygienic way possible. Tots can be anchored safely in any chair imaginable, so they can enjoy life at the table with the rest of the family.

The Totseat is an ingenious product which has been especially designed for busy families who are out and about with a tot in tow. Safety is at the heart of its design and with the added benefits of being super comfy and funky; the Totseat should be an essential in any parent-bag, being just as cool for Dads as Mums.

This portable highchair is incredibly versatile and can be shortened or extended to fit all manner of high-backed, low-backed, stylish, traditional, weird and wonderful chairs.

We have taken it everywhere with us this summer and it has been invaluable………

  • It created a highchair out of  a camping chair at Camp Bestival
  • It meant Sebastian could eat with us when we visited Nana’s house
  • It saved us when visiting a coffee shop who had run out of highchairs


It is super easy to fit too.

It comes with a helpful handbook which is full of hints and tips, but it also has the instructions printed on a ribbon at the back in case you forget!

You simply loop the material over the back of the chair and pull the toggle tight to hold it snug.  The rest of the material then drapes over the chair (this is adjustable for smaller chairs).  You then fold it back and secure baby by threading the straps through the loops and clipping together and pulling tight.

The totseat also comes with a cummerbund which you can use if the chairs has holes, or as extra security to wrap around baby.

The totseat secures even the wriggliest of small people – trust me Sebastian has tried his best to escape, and I am happy that he is happy and comfortable using it.  It is recommended for use from 8 months to 30 months.

Because it folds up so small in a little carry bag, its perfect for popping in your changing bag or handbag.  I will be taking it abroad when I go next week and of course – it’s machine washable too!


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  1. I used to have something very similar for my eldest – a “handbag highchair”. He was not a fidget or a wriggler. However he nearly tipped the chair over with it! I think it’s great as an occasional use item, only with constant supervision. Although tbh you wouldn’t really need anything then :S


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