Back to School with Innocent

My little ones  love smoothies and the older kids and us adults all rely on a glass of fruit juice with our breakfast to get us through the day.

This year, innocent drinks set 26 bloggers a challenge – to get family to take some snaps that represent the a letter of the alphabet and to share with our readers to promote their on pack promotion which offers everyone their own name in magnets. This is fab as we all know that kids often don’t have enough magnets to spell their full names but now they can.  The fab team even sent me my name which I have displayed on the fridge (when the kids stop playing with it that is).

Our letter is “Y”

I have to say I found this letter a struggle, but here are our photos:



All the details are on the packs, but it’s super easy. Once you’ve collected 6 (or more) barcodes you just need to send it over to the guys at innocent Towers, and they’ll send you out three names. What’s more, on the innocent website you can also take part in a really fun ‘design your own innocent alphabet’ competition.  Click here to find out more.

Anyone who posts photos via Twitter or Instagram using #alphabetchampions and #innocent will be in the running to win their name in innocent magnets and a full alphabet set too.

innocent magnets

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