Introducing Russell the Dream Sheepdog

SweetDreamers, the brand behind the infamous Ewan the Dream Sheep, is thrilled to unveil its newest member. Introducing Russell, the dream sheepdog, who is taking the baton from ewan, as he em’barks’ on a mission to be the ultimate bedtime companion for toddlers.

Cute, cuddly and comforting, Russell will take over from ewan when the little ones reach 18 months, and support sleep time struggles for as long as they need. Russell helps toddlers sleep with his softly changing warm glow, which gently lights up the room with a calming ‘colour therapy’ display. One thing is for certain, Russell is set to prove dogs really are man’s best friend as he offers companionship with his enchanting green and blue ‘light show’ to lull them to sleep in no time.

What’s even better is Russell has a voice recorder, so parents, or even grandparents, friends or aunties, can record themselves talking, singing or reading a favourite bedtime story to enjoy for as long as little one needs. The voice recording function can also provide a way to alleviate separation anxiety.  If a little one is staying away for a weekend, they can still listen to mum and dad’s voice before bedtime, which is sure to help them settle.

Following the phenomenal success of his older sibling, SweetDreamers is thrilled to unleash Russell, the dog toddlers have been dreaming of. Commenting on launch of Russell, Lynda Harding, founder of SweetDreamers said:

“I am just over the moon that our little Russell is finally ready to rescue sleepless toddlers. The success of ewan has been truly overwhelming, but now he has worked his magic for babies across the world, we are looking forward to sending Russell out to bring the same comfort to toddlers. Bedtimes are a common battle that parents face and like ewan, Russell provides a bedtime buddy that offers comfort. The voice recorder will let tots feel like mum and dad are still in the room and make them feel safe and secure, ensuring the whole family gets the sleep they need.”

We are huge fans of Ewan the Dreamsheep and he still helps Sebastian settle 15 months on, so we were very excited to welcome Russell into our home and introduce him to Eliza.

Russell the Dream Sheepdog

Russell is the same purple / white colours of Ewan, however he is a lot flufflier and cuddlier which really appeals to Eliza.  Switch him on pressing his left paw and his tummy glows green and blue making a soft calming light.  Inside his belly is a small voice recorder where you can record a song or a story up to 4 minutes long.  When this is done press his right paw and you can listen to the story back.

We love the fact we can record our own stories and there is no limit to how often you want to re-record.  I recorded a story for Eliza when I was away in Rhodes and hubby has now recorded one which Eliza listens to when he is working late night.  Russell is her new favourite cuddly toy and currently goes everywhere with her.

Eliza and Isaac have also discovered the SweetDreamers gaming app called ‘The Dream Team Adventures’. By using a swipe, flick and jump action, the object of the game is to try and work out the quickest and best way to get Ewan or Russell to the top of the fiendishly difficult platforms so he can continue his escapades. However, this is no easy task as you must watch out for the ‘baaadies’, vanishing platforms, devilishly tricky rainclouds, evil spikes and shaky wooden boards. Along the way you must collect as many coins as you can, as well as spotting the bonus shamrocks on every level!

dream team adventures

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