Lenor Unstoppables In-Wash Scent Booster

There are many reasons to like and dislike various seasons of the year.

I like and dislike Autumn / Winter in equal measure for a number of reasons.  I love the colours of Autumn and crunching through leaves underfoot and in winter we almost beg for snow, but living in Dorset it’s a rare occasion that Mother Nature provides.

My one bugbear about this season is the cold and often damp weather.  Weather that means you have to dry your washing inside, whether it be slung over airers or popped in the tumble drier.  The washing never has that line dried freshness you get over the summer.

This is wear Lenor Unstopplables comes in!

Each Lenor Unstoppables’ scent has been designed to work in combination with Lenor Fabric Softener.  Not only does adding the fabric softener provide the softness and protection in the wash that you want from your clothes, it also enables you to provide your own scent by mixing and matching!

  • Fresh – Marine character consisting of a watery blend of soapy elements, minerals and lily with sparkling oceanic green top notes
  • Bliss – An exotic cocktail of red berries and cherry blended well with a bouquet of white jasmine flowers and powdery sweet peachy back notes
  • Lavish – Luxurious fine fragrance inspired perfume delivering an overall rich creamy and gourmand blend of peach notes and red roses.

How to use it:

  • Pop a few (a little goes a very long way) Lenor Unstoppables beads directly in the washing machine drum to give a fresh scent boost
  • It can be used on all types of washing including sportswear and towels
  • Add your detergent and fabric softener as normal
  • Start your machine and leave to do its work

By adding Unstoppables to you wash, you can enjoy up to 12 weeks* of boosted freshness to your laundry (*in storage).

Now, I am not going to tell you that it smells just like the washing has been brought of the line, because nothing beats that.  However, it does give your linen / washing a lovely lingering smell that does last – plus, my kitchen smells lovely when the washing machine is on.

Lenor Unstoppables

The Lavish scent is my firm favourite so far, although hubby prefers the Fresh fragrance.  I have also noticed that it stops washing hung over airers / radiators getting that musty, dried inside sort of smell.  I will warn you not to use too much though, a good size pinch of the beads is plenty!

The team at Lenor gave us some Unstoppables to put in the goody bags at our LemurLinkup event, and the feed back so far have been positive from everyone that attended.  You can read Charliemoos review here!

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