Christmas Presents for Teen Boys

With two teenage boys in the house I have turned my thoughts to Christmas presents.

Shopping for the little ones is easy, they have a Christmas list as long as their arm but as they get older it gets more and more difficult.

Callan (17) has his own sense of style and I did chuckle when he sent me various pictures of hoody’s and t-shirts through whatsapp on my phone with the words, “Mum, this is what I want for Christmas!”  At least Christmas shopping for him is going to be easy, although I may throw in a couple of extra surprises to make it more interesting.

Kian (14) isn’t into clothes and fashion just yet.  He is my gaming and music mad teen and if he isn’t on his laptop, he’s on his phone or the Xbox chatting to his friends.

I know what he really wants for Christmas – some Dre Beats Headphones as his big brother has some, however, I am not sure they are suitable for his needs.

His gaming headset is broken, attractively taped together with pink washi tape and I want to get him some headphones that give him the best of both worlds, but I am no expert when it comes to this subject.


Features I want are:

  • Preferably Wireless – I am fed up with cables everywhere
  • A removable microphone so he can talk to his friends online but also listen to music without it getting in the way
  • Compatible with his Xbox and the iPhone
  • Good Sound Quality

Am I in cloud cuckoo land – is there such a product?

I have been busy researching headphones and I have found that Tesco have an extensive range.  I love the Skullcandy Hesh ones as they are in his favourite colours of black, grey and lime.  Or do I go for something more expensive such as the STREET brand?

Does your teen have headphones – are there a pair that you’d recommend?


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  1. I don’t think there is such a headset that has a removable microphone but still allows you to listen to your music. I am aware that you can listen to music stored on the Xbox hard drive whilst playing games. So a standard gaming headset should be suffice.

    Do this help?


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