BABY born® Doctor Interactive Doll Review

Eliza has suddenly become obsessed with her dolls and spotted the new BABY born® Doctor Interactive Doll on an advert on the television a few ago and immediately added it to her ever-growing Christmas list, so you can imagine her excitement when she was sent one to review!

The doll itself is a traditional BABY born® Doll with lots of lifelike functions such as crying real tears, eating porridge, drinking from her bottle, soiling her nappy, using the potty and closing her eyes.  You are also able to pose the doll by moving her head, arms and legs.

The difference is that BABY born®’s now has her own doctor’s surgery, where, with the help of Eliza she lovingly cares for every patient.  The doll comes with lots of accessories in the box including:

  • nappy
  • dummy
  • potty
  • classic doctor’s white coat
  • leggings
  • shoes
  • 1 plate with spoon
  • 1 bottle with lid
  • 1 portion of porridge
  • 1 friendship bracelet for both the girl and her doll.

BABY born® Doctor Interactive Doll

Eliza loves to role play with the doll and it is great to see her imagination coming to life.  One of her favourite activities is feeding the doll her bottle and then putting her on the potty to do a wee.  Doing this has helped her become dry at night as she now sees the correlation between drinking and then needing to go to the toilet, so our nightly ritual is now feed the baby and put her on the potty, whilst Eliza uses the toilet!

The BABY born® Doctor Doll works brilliantly with the BABY born® Medical Laptop, which really adds to the role play and understanding of how the body works and you can read my review here!


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