How I Keep My Toddler Safe While Playing Outdoors

It’s important to let your little one enjoy the great outdoors while being active and taking in a bit of fresh air. You might not feel as if you can watch your child every second, however, and you could be afraid of how you can keep him or her safe while playing in the yard. Luckily, I know a few tips that can help you keep your little one as safe as possible while enjoying the great outdoors. Remember these tips, and your toddler can stay as safe as possible.

Install a fence

It can be easy for your child to lose track of his or her boundaries when playing outdoors. By installing a fence, however, you can encourage your toddler to stay on your property. This is a great way to help keep him or her protected from traffic, stray dogs and more. Check out what’s available on Buy Fencing Direct or get some ideas for what you can achieve on this Pinterest board.

Soften the ground

In areas where your little one will probably be spending a lot of time playing, consider softening the ground a little bit with plenty of play sand or rubber mulch, which is designed for use on playgrounds. Although you might not be able to scatter your entire lawn with these materials, spreading them in areas where your child will spend a lot of time playing is a great way to cushion falls.

Use insect repellent

You don’t want your little one to get bitten or stung by an insect, so make sure that you apply kid-friendly insect repellent to your toddler’s arms, legs and other exposed skin before allowing him or her to play outdoors. Be careful when though, not all are suitable. This guide should keep you right.

Put away unsafe toys

Certain toys, such as small swimming pools, should only be used under very strict supervision. Make sure that you put any potentially dangerous toys away until you can keep a close eye on your little one. You may also want to put away bicycles and other toys that have sharp parts that could cut or pinch your little one’s fingers.

Enlist the help of older siblings/kids

Older kids can help keep an eye on your little one. If you have other children, talk to them about the importance of notifying you if your little one gets hurt. Although they might not be old enough to babysit, your kids can help you keep an eye on your toddler.
In conclusion
You don’t have to keep your little one cooped up in the house in order to keep him or her safe. Instead, remember these safety tips, and you can keep your child as safe as possible when he or she is playing outdoors.

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  1. That is such a cute picture of Sebastian and Eliza.
    We have a hedge around our front garden but it’s still immature and has lots of gaps. We don’t let our son out the front on his own but we do get dogs coming through the hedge, maybe a fence would be a better option :/


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