Dyson DC41 Mk2 Review

Last month I was invited to the Dyson Press Offices in London to view their all new DC41 Mk2 Animal vacuum cleaner.

First of all we were talked through how it works by one of the engineers and then, armed with a pot of bicarbonate of soda, we put it through its paces against some of its top rivals.

The Dyson DC41 Mk2 has a 700 watt motor, which sounds tiny, however because of the Radial Root Cyclone™ technology it far out performs the 11oo watt vacuum cleaner it was put up against and got all the dust out of the nooks and crannies in the tiles!

We were also introduced to their bladeless fan heaters (want) and got to meet their new Dyson 360 Eye robot which looks amazing.  It is launching in Japan next year and should be with us by Christmas 2015!


Of course the Dyson performed brilliantly in a set up situation, but how does it perform in the home?

The Dyson website claims the DC41 Mk2 Animal cleans better than any other vacuum across carpets and hardfloors!

How does it do this?

  • Increased power to the brush bar drives bristles deeper, to release more dirt.
  • Self-adjusting cleaner head  – it has an active base plate that self-adjusts across every floor type, maintaining close contact with the floor at all times, automatically raising and lowering. Suction isn’t wasted – it’s sealed in.
  • Advanced Radial Root Cyclone™ technology – the Radial Root Cyclone™ technology remodelled airflows maximise suction power. Improved flow efficiency reduces turbulence and preserves air pressure, so more microscopic particles are extracted by the inner cyclones i.e. it sucks up more dust!
  • With the new Ball technology™ even more of the machine’s key components are housed inside the ball itself. This reduces clutter on the outside of the machine, streamlining its profile. DC41Mk2 Animal turns on the spot, and is easy to steer close to edges and into awkward spaces.
  • An Instant release high reach wand makes it easy to clean up high and on the stairs!
  • The Tangle-free Turbine tool is the only turbine tool that doesn’t tangle. Counter-rotating heads with brushes remove hair from carpets and upholstery, so there’s no brush bar for hair to wrap around. The flexible heads bend to maintain contact across uneven surfaces, and they’re positioned so that the brushes reach to the front and sides of the tool – drawing hair and dirt in from all directions. More hair is released straight into the bin than with any other mini turbine too!
  • Hygenic Bin emptying – simply push the button to release the dirt
  • Approved for allergy sufferers as Dyson’s upright and cylinder range expels cleaner air than any other cyclonic vacuum

First of all you need to assemble the vacuum cleaner.  This was surprisingly easy with clear instructions in the box.  The only thing I didn’t want to do was use it as it was so shiny and new!

I managed to get the first go using the Dyson, but then hubby took it off my hands and vacuumed upstairs.  I have to admit we do have very old carpet upstairs and we were both horrified to find the bin completely full of dust, despite using Henry a few days before.

We have a mix of hard and carpet flooring indoors and I love that the head is self-adjusting so you can move from one room to another without having to stop and change the setting.  The telescopic hose is more than long enough to reach right to the top of the stairs too!

I still love my DC59 Cordless vacuum for everyday use, but The DC41 is perfect for deep cleaning and there is room for both in my house!!

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  1. We’ve killed a lot of hoovers thanks to our long haired cat and we were considering a Dyson.

    We actually went with a Miele in the end which has been fantastic. I do love the look and design of Dysons though.


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