Falling out of love with the beautiful game!

I was a relative late comer to finding the fun in football, probably as my dad preferred motor sport and cricket.

I used to work in a bar and always looked forward to the atmosphere that a football match brought, but didn’t really get wrapped up in particular team, until I met my husband he took me to my first football match.

I was hooked!

The atmosphere, the cheering, the banter – I loved it and for 16+ years I have supported Chelsea, seeing them come up through the premier league to finally start winning trophies!

Supporting Chelsea also meant there was lots of banter at work, and I adored joining in with the office Dream Team’s – I even won one once!  I was the only parent in my office, so it gave me a connection with my mostly male colleagues who were often surprised by my knowledge.
I really enjoyed partaking in fantasy football, super 6, sweepstakes and even the odd bet with the help of something like one of the many sports betting apps NY out there.

When I left work to become a childminder and was home all week, I delighted in ribbing hubby that I had sat and watched the matches he was missing on Sky Sports, or watching Soccer Saturday giggling along with Jeff Stelling and his motley crew whilst he was at work.

I was so excited when Jose Mourinho returned last year – he has a swagger and demeanour I really admire and I love the way he stirs up the press, but I just don’t feel excited by football anymore.  If hubby is home enjoy watching the matches and getting involved, but if I am home alone with the kids I tend to forget they are on.

I think the main problem is that I don’t have that banter anymore.  I miss the adult conversation that comes with working in an office / shop.  My twitter timeline used to be full of Chelsea fans, and although I still follow my favourites they do get lost in a sea of mummy bloggers – one even told me off this week for celebrating a goal! – I really need to sort out my lists!

The other issue is we just don’t get to go to matches anymore.  When I say “we” i actually mean me!  Hubby still goes occasionally with either friends from work, or Kian, but we simply cannot afford to go as a family.  With tickets starting around £50 each plus travel it makes it a very expensive day out – one that we just cannot justify.  I am hoping now that Sebby is easier to settle in the evening that we may be able to start going again soon – if we can afford a babysitter.

Are you a football fan – do you get to go to matches?

10 thoughts on “Falling out of love with the beautiful game!”

  1. I am still a football fan, but like you find myself more distant from it without the banter. MOTD is still a TV fixture, but rarely go to live games anymore- used to go see The Cherries more regularly before moving out here coincided with big price hike!

  2. I love watching football on the TV and Soccer Saturday and I often surprise people with my knowledge and interest. I have missed going to matches; we used to go when I worked at JPM as well but up here I am just not fussed on either team.

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  4. I can relate with this. Though I am very far from you (I’m from Asia), I can relate with the experience and not just with football. In my case, we (family) miss going out as a family because of so many factors.


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