Splish Splash Sink and Stove

When I was offered the Splish Splash Sink and Stove to review I knew instantly that Eliza would adore it!

Little Tikes have made washing up so much fun!

When the set first arrived it did take a little assembly, as you have to put the pump tigether on the tap and then attach it to the sink, but it was done in a couple of minutes and you are then ready to go.

It does require real water, so be prepared for the area which they are playing in to get wet – remove the lid, fill with water to the line (it is less than an inch deep), reapply the lid, and watch as they enjoy playing with real water washing the dishes just like a grown up!

The Splish Splash Sink and Stove is a real working sink with a push down on the pump to release the water from the tap.  The Stove knobs also make “clicking” sounds.  To make washing up more authentic, included in the box are:  a Frying pan, spatula,Pair of tongs, Knives, Spoons, Cups and Plates.

Eliza played with this for over an hour before she moved on to something else as she loves water play and was happily splashing and washing up the accessories.  Thankfully I have a oil cloth table protector on my table as it did get soaked and next time I will pop a towel on the chair too.

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  1. My middle boy would LOVE this – anything with water and washing is a favourite – and getting wet is the best thing in the world apparently.I’d need to stand mine in a paddling pool!


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