Angel Express School Nativity Play

I have long bemoaned the fact that children don’t seem to perform traditional nativity plays anymore and last years offering of the Christmas story even had references to mobile phones and a satnav.

When I heard the title of this years performance I didn’t get my hopes up for the traditional story, however I was pleasantly surprised.

“Angel Express” follows the excitement of heaven’s host of angels as they hurriedly practise a new song for the birth of baby Jesus – this will have to be an express production! Can the conductor prepare them in time with so many distracting headlines?

Extra! Extra! – Read all about it!” ‘Mary and Joseph Leave for Bethlehem’

“Extra! Extra! – Read all about it!”  ‘Enormous Star Seen In the East’

“Extra! Extra! – Read all about it!”  ‘Three Kings Sighted From Afar’

Can you guess which part Isaac had?

Yep – I am the proud mum of Angel Gabriel who had to come on the stage at frequently intervals saying “Extra! Extra! – Read all about it!”.  Isaac and his friend Daniel, who played the conductor, definitely stole the show.

Angel ExpressEach class in the lower school had a role and the youngest Nursery class, which included Eliza, had to sing and dance as the stars.  It was a lovely Nativity based story with fun songs and dances that had us all clapping along.

I was so proud of Isaac who helped the Nursery Class perform their song and do the moves by dancing at the front so they could follow him.  It did get a little bit overwhelming for Eliza who burst into tears once her performance finished but she was quickly reassured by her teacher.

I am quite sad that this will be Isaac’s last year doing the Nativity, however, I am sure he will be star of the show in the Upper school plays that happen around Easter.

Did your children do a traditional Nativity this year?



12 thoughts on “Angel Express School Nativity Play”

  1. Isaac looks adorable! As Boo is in nursery they did a Christmas carol concert with 8 songs that told the story of the ‘First Christmas’ and they signed as they sung. We’re Catholic so it’s always going to be traditional, I think our headteacher would have a fit if the the word SatNav was mentioned!!

  2. When I was really unwell I was fixated on seeing my boys nativities. I think that it is one of the highlights of being a parent. I love it. It makes me smile on the inside and out and I looks addorable

  3. Oh well done to Isaac and it is also nice to see the angel Gabriel played by a boy (as he was). Ours was about camels this year and my son had one of the main parts – was a lot more traditional than normal too.

  4. Oh look ta his ickle face Kara!
    Just the sweetest!

    Our school only does a nativity in Reception sadly so a panto is about as dramatic as we’ll get!


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