The Feed Run #CountryKids

Well, I am currently staying at the home of #countrykids itself – Coombe Mill.

We were lucky enough to win a Christmas stay here last year and we loved it so much we paid to come back this year. We are on our third day here and I feel it is fitting that my Country Kids post is dedicated to Fiona and her family who go out of their way to make the guests feel relaxed.

No visit to Coombe Mill would be complete without the daily feed run and the most popular part seems to be which child gets to drive the tractor.  Farmer Nick and Fiona are very fair and makes sure the kids take it in turns and anyone who missed out one day get chosen on the next whilst the rest of the children get to ride in the trailer.


Of course the feed run wouldn’t be the feed run without any animals to visit and give breakfast to.  The pigs love scraps left over from breakfast / meals and we have found they are very partial to breakfast cereal.

All the animals are programmed to expect us around 9am and are all very vocal upon our arrival. Isaac and Eliza were wary initially but soon got back into the swing of how to feed the different animals and by the time we reached the chickens, shot off to find some freshly laid eggs.  We were most impressed when Guy caught a goose and then Fiona went on to hand feed it – she is a braver woman than I!!


The next set of animals to feed were the donkey’s and goats.  On the first two days the kids were only brave enough to feed them through the safety of the fence but by day 3 they were in the pen with them, confidently stroking them and giving them their food by hand.


The next set of animals on the run has to be the favourite, especially this time of year – the deer.  The kids are convinced the stag is Rudolph and who are we to argue as they busily count out piles of food to ensure each of the deer get enough food.


Once the deer have been seen to its a short tractor ride to feed the sheep and Alpaca.  We had been told that it was almost impossible to hand feed the Alpaca as they are notoriously shy but either they were feeling hungry or brave as Isaac, aided by his new best friend Guy, proudly managed it despite one of the ponies trying to muscle in on the action.


The feed run complete it is then time to return to the cottage to get out of our muddy clothes and warm up with a Hot Chocolate.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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  1. Wonderful photos and a fun few days. Your children are delightful farm helpers and it is a pleasure to have them here, they grow in confidence each day and feeding the alpaca really was a rare event. I hope they get to have another go before the holiday is through. I’m looking forward to an action packed Christmas Eve with you all tomorrow. I can’t believe you even had time to do this post for Country Kids. Thank you.


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