Icy Fun at the Park

I have to admit that I am not someone who can stay at home all day, everyday.  I like to be out and about, even if it is just a brisk walk to the shops and back.

Thankfully my friend Joanne from Charliemoos has the same philosophy as me and we often team up for some outdoor adventures with the kids in tow and this week was no exception.

She suggested we take the kids to her local skatepark with their scooters, so I loaded the kids, their scooters and their warm coats into the car and headed over to West Moors.

The kids were eager to get going and happily scooted along an overgrown path to the skatepark. I have to admit that I have not taken them to a skatepark before so I was initially wary, however I needn’t have been as they were happily going over the smaller humps and racing around the park until they spotted it.


A huge icy puddle!

After some initial prodding with a stick and tentative steps the ice started to crack into large pieces, so the girls decided to attempt to build a Frozen inspired palace and see if they could produce rainbows (a great fun lesson about refraction).

Icy Fun

This lasted around 10 minutes before all the kids decided that it was much more fun smashing the ice to pieces.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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  1. Wonderful simple outdoor fun. We don’t have a good skate park here but it reminds me of the one in Lewes when we visit Nick’s Mum. She keeps scooters in the garage and it is always the first place the kids take them. The ice added an extra dimension here, I love the frozen pile too. thanks for sharing with me on Country Kids


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