Science Museum Plasma Reactor Kit Review

Kian adores science and has recently announced he wants to be a scientist when he leaves school.  He is uncertain what sort of scientist but it is a great ambition to have, so when the team at the Science Museum offered us a Plasma Reactor Kit to review, I knew he would enjoy it.

Aimed at children aged 8 and above, the set helps you create a fizzing and bubbling reaction that resembles a lava lamp.  Inside the set is a cool rocket ship shaped container which has an LED light which can illuminate the reaction from underneath.

As soon as Isaac and Eliza saw Kian unpacking the set they wanted to help and he revelled in explaining what was happening.  Who knew it was that much fun learning about chemical reactions?

The set comes with a rocket pot, measuring cup, pipette, fizzy tablets, a light and large booklet of instructions which help you create different effects.  All you need to add is some oil, water and a AAA battery.

Plasma Reactor

I have to admit that getting the light to shine through the rocket was a bit of a challenge but we got there eventually with the help of some tin foil.

There are enough coloured fizzy tablets for 10 experiments and the kids were a bit disappointed when they ran out.  They are now demanding a real Lava Lamp!

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