The Freedom to Explore!

Another half term has disappeared in the blink of an eye but we made the most of it and took the time to go exploring our beautiful county of Dorset.

We met up with the gorgeous Monika from Mumonthebrink and her family during half term and took time exploring Durlston Country Park and Swanage, introduced them to the Sandbanks Chain Ferry and then the delights of proper Dorset Fish & Chips! She has written a fabulous post about what freedom means to her and her family and has challenged me to do the same.

What makes you feel free in the confines of our structured lives? 

For me it is being able to get out and about and explore our environment.  I have never ever been a homebird and would rather be walking along the beach, going for a bike ride or just having a brisk walk around the local park and I admit to going a bit stir crazy if I am stuck at home.

I am very lucky that my job as a childminder means I can still get out and about.  Whenever I have had people register with me I make it clear that we will be outside come rain or shine and the kids may be returned tired and their clothes mucky.  I do find that kids need to be out and about getting fresh air and learning about their local environment.  Even a trip to the park can be fun, finding caterpillars and ladybirds or seeing who can swing highest on the swing.

February half term can be a bit hit or miss with the weather and many places are still closed for the winter break, but that is no excuse not to get out and about.  This half term was almost perfect – hubby had a week off work and although we had a couple of rainy days we mostly got out and about.

We started the week with a bracing walk to Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove which isn’t for the faint hearted when you have small people in tow.  I did have a few nervy moments when Eliza got too close to the edge of the unfenced cliff for my liking but she did brilliantly as it is quite a tough walk.

Durdle Door

On the Monday we decided to visit a park that we hadn’t tried before and although it wasn’t what we were expecting it turned out to be a great walk and we ended up on the beach before heading back to an old favourite.

Pinecliff Play Sculptures

Sadly Tuesday saw us hit by some torrential rain, so the kids got their rest day and enjoyed the delights of some board games and the Wii U.

Wednesday we were invited to an event in London for the new Vtech Action Cam.  The kids got to learn some tricks on scooters whilst testing the Action Cam which is basically a GoPro for kids, so right up our street.  Ours already goes everywhere with us and is a fab way of getting the kids out and about!

Vtech Action Cam

Thursday was another rubbish day weather wise so was another chilled out day at home and then Friday we got out with Monika to Durlston Country Park.  We only visited a few weeks previously, however were really impressed with it, despite having Sebby in a buggy which was hard work.

This time we took hubby and Sebastian in the back carrier which was much easier and meant that we could walk down the cliff and up to the lighthouse which the kids had wanted to do on our last visit.  Eliza bonded with Monika’s daughter immediately and we couldn’t separate them for the rest of the day!


Saturday saw us heading to the home of Broadchurch to visit West Bay and we had a fab time spotting shots that had been used in the program.  It really is a beautiful spot and we will be heading back when the weather is warmer as it was very windy and really rather chilly.

West Bay

That is my idea of freedom – the chance to get out and about and enjoy everything the nature has to offer.  It’s not always easy, sometimes the kids have a strop because they would rather be home playing on a games console, however, they always enjoy themselves once we are there!


22 thoughts on “The Freedom to Explore!”

  1. Totally love this post and totally agree about getting kids outside. We had to bring ours in at 7.05 tonight as they were out playing football in the light from a friends garage!

  2. Thank you for taking up the challenge! I love you approach to life and your love of getting out there whatever the weather.

    I find it so interesting that for you just days out are liberating already, whereas I want to sleep away from home too. Love the differences and our similarities.

  3. Your wonderful photos really show how much pleasure you all get from going out and about. You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful area with so much to explore. x

  4. I love the idea of a childminder who returns the children tired and lets them get muddy. That’s how it should be. I love the outdoors and like to take my son out whenever we can.

  5. wow some fantastic outings here, we spent our half term moving home so we got no day out at all which was a little disapointing but we will e making up for it later on once we are settled, we certainly love the beach x

  6. I love your idea of freedom and I always find your posts inspiring for the amount of time you’re out in the fresh air. Lucky children who get you as their childminder.

  7. I’m hoping we manage to get out this weekend. I’m going a bit stir crazy as it feels like the only places I go are to the mother in laws, home or the charity shop for my volunteer hours.
    I think I’m going to pack up a picnic this weekend and get everyone out for the whole day 🙂


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