Project 365 2015 – Week 10

This week has been all about the build up to World Book Day with the kids asking if it was time to dress up every day!

We started the week with a trip to our local soft play area Lemur Landings as they were running a secret book swapshop – you took in some of your old books and wrapped them up for someone else to pick with an age label on them.  You then picked new books to replace them – the kids were very happy with their haul and Isaac has had is nose buried in his Horrible History book since!

Thursday was a very eventful day, I had my hair cut in the morning and then attended the funeral of an ex-work colleague which was an emotional event as I don’t think he ever realised just how much he was loved.  The chapel seated 100 and there must have been at least 200 people crammed in to say their goodbyes.  It was lovely seeing my “Tesco” family and we all agreed we should see each other more often.

Once home the lovely Joanne arrived with her gang to do the activities for the Blaze twitter party I was co-hosting the next day.  It was a little frantic but fun all the same.

Friday was finally the day the kids got to dress up and I sent Isaac and Eliza in as Willy Wonka and Alice.  It was lovely to see the whole school had made an effort, including the teachers!

week 10

60.  Being introduced to the delights of Horrible Histories by Joanne

61.  Making a wild art school project

62.  Nose buried in Horrible Histories

63.  Off to see his Godparents with Stuffy (who needed minor surgery)

64.  Does it sink or float experiment

65.  Willy Wonka

66.  Decorating her Fairy Garden

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  1. Nice to see they were looking forward to dressing up, nice chance for them to think who they would like to be.
    I have had 2 generations that love horrible histories, great books. The book swap is a brilliant idea.


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