The Longest 48 Hours

So it seems there is a tummy bug being passed around at school and my kids have kindly brought it home to share.

Poor Eliza got it first and I spent Mothers Day washing and drying bedding, chair covers and clothes, steam cleaning floors and carpets and disinfecting everything in sight.

The symptoms lasted for around 6 hours and after a couple of doses of ORS Rehydration Salts,  for the rest of the day she was happily bounding around the lounge and garden begging to be taken down the road to the park and was most upset when she was informed that she was not allowed in school for at least 48 hours.

Clinova’s innovative O.R.S soluble tablets are based on the standard oral rehydration salts formula containing a balanced combination of glucose, salts and electrolytes. The soluble tablets replenish water and salts and thereby help maintain a proper fluid balance – perfect for using after a tummy bug or exercise and can be used by any age!  They taste nice too, coming in Lemon, Blackcurrant and Strawberry.

Of course she had to share it with Sebastian who suffered the same in the early hours of Tuesday morning and then Isaac succumbed last night too.  My poor washing machine has been on constantly since Sunday.

My frustration is this 48 hour rule of not being allowed back into school, especially when the focus seems to be 100% attendance that is drummed into you on a weekly basis.

I know why they do it, to try to prevent spreading the infection to others but it does seem such a long time, especially when the kids have bounced back and are more than ready to return to the classroom.  Are they not more contagious during the incubation period before the symptoms even show up?

I am hoping that Kian, hubby and I have escaped as we have been so careful.

My tips for avoiding the dreaded tummy bugs are:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly after going to the toilet and changing nappies.  We use an anti-bacterial liquid soap.
  • If a potty has to be used, dispose of the contents into a toilet, then wash the potty with hot water and detergent and leave it to dry.
  • Don’t share towels and flannels.
  • Don’t prepare or serve food for others if you have the symptoms (easier said than if you are on your own with the kids)
  • If clothing or bedding is soiled, first remove as much of the soiling as possible and then wash in a separate wash at as high a temperature as possible.  I have also been adding some Dettol Antibacterial Laundry Cleanser
  • Regularly clean the toilets that you use, with disinfectant. Wipe the flush handle, toilet seat, taps, surfaces and door handles with hot water and detergent at least once a day. Keep a cloth just for cleaning the toilet.
  • If they are sick on the floor / carpet I swear by my steam cleaner as this kills 99% of bacteria and can be used on both.  First clear up the mess and then steam clean…….adding ironing water can help get rid of “that” smell too

So, it appears I am entertaining Isaac at home until Friday to prevent infection…….maybe I should get him some school work to do!

9 thoughts on “The Longest 48 Hours”

  1. I hate tummy bugs. They are just the worst. My son got one on the Friday before the Team Honk Danceathon on the Sunday. I had the disinfectant bottle permanently attached to me spraying everything in sight in the hope that I would avoid it and still be able to dance. It seemed to do the trick! Must invest in steam cleaner – they sound brilliant!

  2. Hate tummy bugs. H is getting better thankfully and can now usually throw up in the loo or a bucket. I’m not always convinced about the 48 hour rule either. I can understand 24 hours, but 48 hours later they are running about like mad things.

  3. I hate tummy bugs. it is also really important to clean light switches and the kettle handle as they tend to have the bacteria on again too. We have a 24 hours clear policy at the boys school, but people are terrible at following it. There was a little boy in Mini’s class last week that had been sick on the way to school!


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