Fishy Fun One to One!

After last weeks battle with the dreaded lurgy our household is finally germ free and all back at school, so I decided to head out and about for some one on one time with Sebby.

Sebastian loves the seaside so I headed straight for the beach with a plan to go and see the fish at Bournemouth Oceanarium as they are currently offering half price entry to us locals.  I set off straight from the school run so we arrived at 9.20 and spent 40 minutes playing on the beach before heading inside to see the fish.

The smile on Sebby’s face once he realised we were heading for the beach was enough for me to know I had made the right decision and as soon as we had navigated the building site that is currently happening by the pier I let him out of his buggy.  He shot off across the empty beach heading for the water, where he stood watching the waves for ages before making tracks and digging in the sand.

bournemouth beach

I think Sebby would have been perfectly happy to stay on the beach but he was persuaded to leave by the lure of seeing “fishies”. We used to be season pass holders for the Oceanarium but have not been with Sebastian so it was all new to him.

With the half price offer it cost me just £4.95 to get in and Sebastian was soon pointing and exclaiming “FISH!” every time he saw one swimming around.  The Oceanarium lets you take an underwater adventure around the waters of the world and you literally come face to face with hundreds of awesome creatures in their ten spectacular recreated environments.


One of his favourites was the Otters who were racing around their enclosure, diving in and out of the water and playing with each other.  I didn’t bring my big camera but managed to get a couple of pictures of him with his nose pressed against the glass on my phone.


We spent around an hour exploring the Oceanarium and everything it has to offer and after a wary start, Sebby made friends with a turtle that insisted on following him around.

He enjoyed the Oceanarium so much that I am going to invest in a season pass so we can go back more often.  It is nothing to do with the fact that they are adding a huge Penguin Beach expansion in the summer, honest!

We still had a bit of time to spare once we had finished to headed off for a quick walk along the Pier to make the most of our one on one time together before heading back to the car to pick Eliza up from school.

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21 thoughts on “Fishy Fun One to One!”

  1. What a lovely day out, it looks like you had so much fun – I love to see the otters too, they are so lovely , a great value day too and especially as Sebastian had such a brilliant time 🙂

  2. Wow he has grown so much – a proper little boy now! Glad you have all gotten rid of the lurgy now and this sounds like the perfect way to celebrate being germ free! What a lovely day.

  3. What a perfect day out 🙂 We have a penguin beach at our Sealife centre and I love it. I love the sealife centre but the penguins are wonderful. You can watch them above and below water, I could watch them all day.

  4. How lovely to have the day alone with Sebastian and him now old enough to really enjoy that time with you. the beach looks deserted, you can tell it isn’t holiday time! I can see why you are going to invest in an annual pass for the oceanarium too it looks like a great place to visit *bring on the penguins*. Great action packed video as always. Thank you for joining me for Country Kids.


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