Will Isaac share a Royal Birthday?

It only seems like yesterday that I was pregnant alongside the Duchess of Cambridge, with Sebastian.  We were both due to have our babies in July but Sebby arrived two weeks early the day before my birthday and Prince George arrived, reportedly, a couple of weeks late.  They do share a middle name though.

The Duchess is due to give birth any day know and I have had a cheeky wager that the baby will arrive tomorrow, 23rd April, on St George’s Day and Isaac’s 7th birthday.  We have a tradition of sharing royal birthdays in our house with me sharing the birthday of Prince William, my Grandmother shared the Queen’s birthday and Grandad that of Prince Edward.

There doesn’t seem to be so much excitement surrounding the arrival of their second child, even the media is more low-key this time, but I do believe that people up and down the land with celebrate with the happy couple when their new son or daughter arrives.

Royal Tea Party

The team at Homebase have challenged me to host a royal baby themed tea party to celebrate the new arrival and as the weather has been so lovely I have decided to make it a garden party, complete with toys to entertain the kids.

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I am busy making lots of plans to make our garden a more usable space and dream of a large gas barbecue and comfy rattan furniture so we can entertain in style.

I will be taking up the Homebase challenge next week so come back and see how we did!

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