A Party Fit for a Superhero

Isaac wasn’t sure what he wanted to do for his birthday this year but after Eliza’s Princess Party back in January he decided that he wanted one the same, only with superheroes instead of princesses.  Thankfully shortly after her party the lovely ladies at Dorset Dreamers announced that they were introducing Batman and Iron Man to their characters so they were promptly booked for Isaac’s birthday party.

It does feel like we have waited ages for his birthday to come around and this weekend it finally arrived.  As with Eliza’s party we hired our local community centre to hold the party but as the party would have predominantly boys attending we decided to hire a bouncy castle too.  Isaac adores playing party games but from experience I know that some of his peers would rather charge around and bounce rather than join in with structured activities.

Finding Batman partyware and decorations was also a challenge but when I was approached by www.Dazzle.uk.com to do a review of their partyware, I discovered they had a Batman range which I fell in love with, so placed an order for the items I wanted to buy. The team very kindly added some extra’s for me, including some gifts for the party bags and Batman Confetti, which I probably would never have bought, but was a huge hit – the kids have all taken bits home to make collages!

Superhero Party

We were also sent a Balloon Time Portable Helium Kit to review, which came with balloons, an easy to use helium tank and ribbon to make the venue look even more special.  It was super easy to use and my only grumble was that it didn’t come with weights so we had to improvise with some left over decorations from Eliza’s party.

Batman, Iron Man and the party host arrived about 20 minutes before the guests arrived and we hid them in a cupboard so as not to spoil the surprise.  They remarked on how they had not seen any Batman decorations and were very impressed by how the hall looked and even the Bouncy Castle from Get Up and Bounce was superhero themed too.

Then it was time for the guests superheroes to arrive who were straight on the bouncy castle with no idea about what was about to happen.  Once all the guests had arrived were persuaded the boys off the bouncy castle and Kian, who was our resident DJ, started playing Batman and in walked our first special guest.

Superhero Party

Batman strode into the party much to the amazement of the guests and spoke to the birthday boy first before speaking to all the other children.  He then introduced the first game, pass the parcel, and sat with the kids joining in which they loved.

The next game was Hero-Tag which was perfect for a group of boisterous boys.  This involved them all having a tag and then chasing each other to collect as many tags as they could from their opponents – I was exhausted just watching.  Musical Bumps, and Musical Spots followed and those boys that were out could also practise their Jedi Skills with some light sabres at the other end of the hall to keep them occupied.

Superhero Party

Games over, an ACDC song came on over the speakers which certainly wasn’t a party song………..our other guest had arrived!

Superhero Party

The arrival of Iron Man brought even more excitement to the boys and he drew much fascination from the crowd now circling him as his eyes and chest were glowing bright blue.  Iron Man and Batman then handed out a named heroes certificate to each child and posed for pictures before Iron Man had to leave on an emergency mission.  The Bouncy Castle went back on as he left to letting the remaining superheroes use up any excess energy to ensure they were all hungry.

Superhero Party

Batman stayed to help whilst the kids got stuck into the food and even presented the cake to the birthday boy,  leading the kids in a rousing rendition of the Happy Birthday song, much to Isaac’s delight.  He stopped to pose for some more pictures with the party guests before heading off back to Gotham City and the kids got one last go on the bouncy castle before it was time to head home.

Superhero Party

The kids had some fabulous Batman inspired gifts in their party bags including pencils, catapults, wristbands and the obligatory cake, but they all seemed more excited about taking home a helium balloon each.

My feet didn’t half ache after all the fun but it was worth it!

Roll on the next birthday in June.

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