How to avoid looking like a tourist in London

It is easy to find inexperienced tourists in the crowd of locals in every country. This universal rule can be practically applied to London. Here are some tips on how not to look like a tourist in London and bring back from vacation only good memories.

Learn a few phrases in English!

Yes, English is the international language even in the most remote corners of the world. However, a few simple phrases in the local language may significantly ease your life in London. You will find student housing London faster if you welcome the landlord in his native language. As for sincere smiles and friendliness of local people, it is certainly worth the time spent on learning greetings, goodbyes and thanks.

Drink tea!

Yes, you will find Starbucks on every corner of London, but it’s for tourists. Locals usually prefer a teapot of Earl Grey for lunch. Do not forget that the standard tea for the British is the one with milk.

Local clothes!

Do not wear shorts in London. This is mainly due to the fact that there are few warm months of the year. Therefore, never wear American-style cut-offs.

London pics!

Be respectful when taking photographs. Please do not get in the way of others. Remember, the first thing that makes you look like a tourist – your photo next to a red telephone booth.

Note some expressions!

Do not say “candy”, but rather “sweets”. You should say “chips” instead of “French fries”.  Lifts should be called “lifts” instead of “elevators”.

It’s rude to stare!

This advice belongs to the category of ethics. It is not polite to gaze, point the finger or convulsively touch the camera. Perhaps this is an everyday phenomenon for a tourist. Do not talk loudly or swear .

In conclusion………

Try to Avoid places where there is always a crowd of tourists. In fact, London people seldom visit Buckingham Palace to take a look at the guards. Same story with the Tower and other famous places. If you want to avoid looking like a tourist in London, visit the lesser-known churches, for example, Southwark Cathedral or St. Mary-le-Bow.

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