My Top 3 Holiday Essentials

Following a brilliant week in Turkey full of fun and adventure it got me thinking about what were my 3 essential items that I would have been lost without.

1.  I am very wary of the sun as I am very fair skinned and have had a few moles removed in the past, so do tend to cover up where possible. The kids never go to the beach without their UV suits but I never thought about getting myself one, however, with all the water sports available at our resort I felt that it was important that I invest in one and chose this gorgeous Teal coloured rash vest from Mountain Warehouse for just £12.99.  I wore it daily in both the pool and the sea and found it to be a practical and lightweight form of sun protection with an of SPF50+.  It was also very quick drying and made wearing a wetsuit more comfortable. I teamed it with some teal board shorts for a relaxed look around the pool.

UV Rash Vest

2.  P20 Once a Day Sun Protection.  I was sent this to review and was skeptical at first – a suncream that you apply just once a day but it really does work.  I coated myself and the kids 15 minutes before we were due to leave the hotel and despite leaping in and out of the pool all day it kept us all safe from the sun as P20 has been categorised as ‘Very Water Resistant’ – the highest classification available under the European health and beauty industry body COLIPA’s guidelines.  The original P20 SPF20 sun protection is available in a transparent lotion whilst SPFs 15, 30 and 50+ have been formulated with a lighter weight consistency and a spray format for ease of application which I did prefer to the lotion.


3.  Footwear is also very important for a holiday and as I suffer with arthritis in both feet it needs to be practical and comfortable. I saw Gumbies reviewed on another blog and though they looked just what I was looking for and so ordered a pair for myself.  The Islander Flip flops are stylish, classy and have been designed for comfort and convenience.

The flip flops come with a canvas upper that marks the style and traditional look of these flip flops. The canvas ensures that the feet are in place and the flip flops remain attached comfortably at all times. The soft cotton strap ensures that the feet do not get bruised and aggravated no matter how long the shoes are worn and I never got that sore spot between the toes which is common when wearing flip flops for the first time. The dual layered EVA mid sole is an added feature for comfort and something that distinguishes these flip flops from the rest and I found they have a really good grip on the sole, even when walking around a wet poolside.


What do you always pack in your case for you on your holidays?

17 thoughts on “My Top 3 Holiday Essentials”

  1. Oh I really like the sound of once a day suncream, it can be a real pain having to keep applying it especially when on the beach! Will have to look into that x

  2. That top is such a good idea for a hot climate. I often think we worry so much about what the kids are wearing and that they’re smothered with lotion, we perhaps neglect ourselves. I always think a hat is totally vital for a hot holiday! I won’t be without mine


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