Pet Parade Carry Kit Review

Joining Flair’s girls portfolio is a brand new pet collectible, Pet Parade; an adorable pack of realistic, cute puppy breeds along with a whole host of accessories and play sets and we were sent one to review.

The Pet Parade puppies walk and have realistic movements. Eliza loves to attach the lead and take her Westie, Rosie for a walk. The lead simply attaches to its collar and you push the puppy along and its little legs move as if walking.

The puppies can also interact with their accessories and Rosie has a magnet on her mouth that will pick up her bone and using the joystick on her back you can make her eyes, head and tail move, just like a real puppy.

The Carry Kit is an ideal place for your puppy to have a cosy nap or be taken to training or the groomers, it also comes with a brush and bowl for on the go care but it does have one major flaw – it is too small!

The Westie and all the accessories do fit inside, however, it is an absolute nightmare to try to get the dog back out. The gap is quite small and if you don’t get the right angle the dog is simply impossible to get out, especially for a young child. Eliza is forever bringing it to me to get the dog back out again and it even takes me a while as the ears get stuck and there is not enough room to get my fingers in to manipulate it back out again.

Pet Parade


You can buy each 10cm puppy (RRP £9.99) in all good retailers and they have launched the range with a Labrador, Dalmation and Pug, with three further exclusive breeds within the play sets.

I would happily buy the individual dogs for Eliza as she loved to play and interact with it. It is just a shame that it is so difficult to get Rosie out of her carrier.

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