New Little Dish Pizza Review

A couple of weeks ago we were offered the opportunity to try Little Dish’s new range of Pizzas and the lovely people at Little Dish sent us a hamper to introduce us to the range.

The range of three pizza’s are: Pesto Chicken and Veg; Mini Meatball and Veg; Classic Margherita and call come with hidden vegetables in the sauce.

The pizza’s have 35% lower in salt than most chilled children’s pizzas and contain no preservatives or additives, no added sugar and are made from 100% natural ingredients, giving parents peace of mind that their child is eating a healthy meal.   Each pizza is just 5 inches and has a soft base which Sebastian found easy to chew as Little Dish designed these pizzas especially for children aged one years plus. The base is then topped with Little Dish’s hidden Vegetable sauce before being topped with one of the yummy toppings.

The pizza’s only take 10 minutes to cook in the oven which is great for when you want something quick to eat.

Little Dish Pizza

We cooked them for lunch and Eliza, Isaac and Sebastian all got to try each one. The Margherita pizza was the definite favourite and was wolfed down by all three children. I had expected the meatball one to be a hit, especially with Isaac but as he could see vegetables on the top he refused to eat it and the same happened with the Pesto Chicken and Veg. Sebby was probably the only one to try all three pizza’s and with the exception of the Margherita I wouldn’t buy them again.

I love the idea of having hidden veg on a Pizza as mine are very fussy, but the fact that there were visible vegtables on two of the pizza’s out mine off I’m afraid.

The My First Pizza range from Little Dish will be available to buy in store from September 7th 2015 and can be found at Asda, Waitrose and and will be priced at £2.50 a pizza.  For more information about The My First Pizza range and the other meals available  from Little Dish pop over to

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