An Emotional Day

It has been an emotional morning for me so far.

Eliza has been up since 6.30am super excited because it is her first day at “big school”. She has two weeks of shorter settling in days, but finally she gets to join her big brother in school.

We dropped Isaac in, who today has swimming for the first time with school, and then headed for her classroom. She found her peg with no problem, handed over her homework to the teacher and found her friends. I did get a hug goodbye, but no glances back and I am relieved she is happy and settled already.

Not only is it a first day for Eliza, but Sebastian also starts pre-school today. We visited last week for their open day and he adored it, but Eliza and I were both there to show him around and although he went off to play, he did glance around to make sure we were still there.

Today I had to leave him and he is very much a mummy’s boy and cried. I know he is in good hands as both Isaac and Eliza have attended the pre-school and all the teachers know Sebby from our visits to not only pick my two up, but also the children I look after, but, it is heart renching when they cry.

First Day

I have to admit that I cried too. Only once out of his sight, but it was so hard to leave him. Sebastian will always be the baby of the family but it suddenly hit home that he is growing up fast too.

I know in a few weeks it will feel the norm and I will relish having a couple of hours to myself. I fully intend to get the house in order, sort out their bedrooms and even take myself down to the local leisure centre and have a swim once a week but today I am feeling sad that my children are growing up fast!

16 thoughts on “An Emotional Day”

  1. We are at exactly the same stage Kara, although I am putting off preschool for a couple of weeks until Beanie is doing his full days at school. It seems even harder knowing that it is our babies who are now heading out. We are so used to having them around us all the time. I know I will cry (out of sight) when I leave JB at preschool too xxx

  2. Oh bless, I can’t believe Eliza has started school!! I hope she loves it! I hope Sebastian settles at pre-school and enjoys that too. Be kind to yourself, I am sure you will love a bit of ‘me time’ soon xx

  3. It is definitely the end of an era when our babies start school and such an emotional time. I really miss having mine at home though am glad they enjoy school and making new friends. Hope the excitement stays for Eliza and Sebby settles in soon. Enjoy having a hot drink in peace 🙂 xx

  4. I had a little sad moment at the start of the school year as well. My eldest is in his last year at secondary and the middle one has started her last year at juniors. They’re growing so fast and I wish I could slow time a bit!

  5. Oh lovely it’s so tough isn’t it. I hope they’re settling in now and you’re getting into some kind of routine. We’re all over the place, poor hubs has been taking POD to school but it’s not full days yet. POD seems to be enjoying it but who knows, she’s telling us nothing. I know I’m going to properly blub when I take her!


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