Office, what office?

I have been blogging for 4 years now and people often ask if I have a nice office in my house where I can work.

With six of us living in a three bedroom terrace, an office is sadly a luxury that we do not have but we make the best of it and I have stolen a little bit of space from under the stairs as my domain!

In this little haven is our PC, which I also use to do my childminding accounts, printer, hard drive and some extra speakers as hubby managed to break the rear connection when he moved the computer from the dining room when we decided to create a playroom for the kids.

My chair is a small fold away chair that is possibly the most uncomfortable thing we own and I long for a comfy, ergonomic swivel chair, but that would block the access to the kitchen.

I do, however, have a plan.

We have an old boiler cupboard opposite the stair recess which is surprisingly deep. Next to this is a coat cupboard and I want to knock out these cupboards and plaster the walls to create a proper office space. It wouldn’t be huge, but there would be plenty of space for a computer desk, shelving and that all important comfy office chair.

My dream PC would be an Apple Mac, teamed with a printer which allows me to print good quality photo’s as well as the kids homework. The office would also need to have electrics wired through for the electrical equipment and lighting, as there would be no natural light other than that from the front door.

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Once complete, I would pretty the office up with proper “girly” office equipment, including a colourful filing system, pretty pens and those all important notebooks.

One of my biggest flaws is my memory and I have been known to forget entire posts that have been buzzing around my head until it is time to put pen to paper, or keyboard to screen in my case. A giant wall planner above the computer would be a must for keeping on top of my work.

I am off to dig out my sledgehammer to make a start.

What would your ideal home office be like?



12 thoughts on “Office, what office?”

  1. Your “office” is just like mine, hidden in a recess under the stairs. I’d like to have a bit more room too and it’d be nice to shift it all to the loft but doing that puts my house at risk of attack by two kids when my back is turned Haha.

  2. I haven’t got my own office space either, and I keep saying I will make a spot for myself in the summer house. I like to work out there because it has a clear roof so it always feel light & airy, even when its raining in the winter. Just need a proper desk first x

  3. Oh Kara! Your boiler cupboard idea sounds fantastic! What a great idea for the use of the space! My first office at home was in the little box room and I only had enough room for a desk and chair. I could literally reach everything in the room without leaving my desk. It was cosy but wonderful because it was ‘mine’! These days I do have a lovely home office in part of our conservatory, but whatever space you have, as long as you can call it your own – that’s what makes it special! x

  4. How exciting! I love having plans like these. I also don’t have an office but worse than you I don’t even have a space that is mine really…I just move my laptop around as and where I can find some space for myself! I deam of the day I can have an office!

  5. My office is a recess in our bedroom, it’s nice as it does feel separate to the rest of the room. In our old place, there was a cupboard that I was going to turn into an office! I never did get around to it. Good luck with your project!

  6. I would love to have my own office/blogging space but at the moment I’m sat on the sofa so i guess its a little more comfy than your chair.
    Love the ideas you have, cant wait to see it when its done.


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