Project 365 2015 – Week 38

Last week was supposed to be a fairly quiet one for us, but if I am honest, when are any of my weeks quiet?

We started on Sunday with a trip to Sussex to go to our old stomping ground of Drusillas Park followed by a visit to Callan on the way home.

Monday was a quiet day as the weather was awful and Sebby was feeling poorly. I relish snuggles on the sofa now as I know they won’t be around for much longer.

On Tuesday Sebby was feeling better so we headed out to the Oceanarium on Bournemouth to see the fish and penguins. It was a much better experience than our last visit and Sebby adored having the place almost to himself.

Wednesday is swimming lesson day and Eliza swam an full 25m length all by herself without any float for the very first time.

Thursday I set off for London at some ridiculous time of the morning for an interview with Carnival Cruises. It was lovely to meet the ladies I will be working with next year as their ambassadors.

Friday was Sebby’s turn to swim and his confidence has come on leaps and bounds all of a sudden and he was leaping into the water all by himself onto a woggle that was waiting in the water.

On Friday night, hubby came home saying our plans had changed for Saturday. I was supposed to be making the goody bags for Blog On Win, but it turns out that he had won two tickets for the Chelsea v Arsenal game on Saturday. I haven’t been to a match since Eliza was a baby but on Saturday we travelled up to Stamford Bridge to see Chelsea back to their winning ways!

Here is my week in pictures:

Week 38

256. My oldest and youngest enjoying a Hello Kitty Ride at Drusillas

257. Cuddles with a poorly Seb

258. Posing with the Penguins at the Oceanarium

259. Eliza swimming her first length unaided

260. Bournemouth station

261. Sebby swimming around the pool by himself

262. At Stamford Bridge

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  1. Sounds like you had a good week aside from Sebby feeling poorly. What a stroke of luck getting tickets for the Chelsea game, I think they won too didn’t they. Our weekend has been taken over by the rugby. I’m free the night before BlogOn after 7.30pm – you’ve just reminded me I need to book a hotel. Dope!


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