George Home Wooden Train Set Review

Sebastian is train mad and it is lovely to see all the kids get the wooden train track out, which we have been adding things to for 20 years, as it started off as Abbey’s and has been played with by all the children as they have grown up.

Wooden toys are a timeless gift that are capable of taking a battering and I am sure that when Sebastian grows out of the toys we have, they will be packed away and kept for when grandchildren come along.

The thing with wooden train sets is that we have so much track that invariably the kids build a humongous set that loops all around the house, which I normally end up tripping over or standing on, so when Asda offered me the George Home Wooden Train Set to review I finally found the answer to my train track woes.

The train table comes flat packed and requires assembly, but it took Hubby just 30 minutes to build whilst I put my feet up ann watched, then a further 15 minutes to assemble the tracks on the gorgeous scenery which is printed on the wooden table.

George Wooden Train Set

The delightful set is beautifully crafted in fine wood with 90 pieces and comes with a draw for you to store the pieces in when you have finished playing. The set is fully compatible with other makes of wooden train sets, so you can add to it if you choose too.

George Wooden Train Set

Sebby adores his new toy, and loves to push his trains and make non-stop rounds under the bridge, over the water, into the lush greens and through the tunnels past the police station and building works.

George Wooden Train Set

It is a really lovely set, the table is the perfect height and size for Sebastian as he can reach everything around him. It measures 125cm in length, 62cm in depth and 39cm in height and costs a very reasonable £75.

It is lovely seeing Isaac and Kian joining in too and adding in pieces from our existing train sets. I think this is going to be a much-loved toy for years to come.


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