New and Improved Ecover Washing Up Liquid

The all new and improved Ecover washing up liquid has now been formulated to wash 40% more plates than before, without those unnecessary chemicals, in fact 99.8% of its ingredients are plant based.

I was sent a bottle to try and was skeptical at first thinking it wouldn’t be as good as my usual brand of washing up liquid but I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised.

Not only is it a nice thick liquid that smells good and foams well, but it actually works really well – even against those stubborn pots and pans.


Now this is no more compromises between green and clean!

To celebrate this fantastic news, the team at Ecover is offering £1 off a bottle here and has also offered me the Ecover collection to giveaway to one of my readers.

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234 thoughts on “New and Improved Ecover Washing Up Liquid”

  1. I’ve ised the washing up liquid and it’s great , don’t have to wear gloves as its gentle to my skin but washes dishes perfectly x

  2. I use the Pomegrante & Lime washing up liquid, which I love. Have used the toilet cleaner but I didnt think it cleaned too well.

  3. Have you tried any Ecover Products – which one do you recommend or most want to try?

    I am sad to say that I have never tried these products before! I always get steered away to the ‘value’ products full of chemicals 🙁 I do want to try and go green, I’ve started on my face and now I need to move to other household products!
    I will most want to try the washing up liquid as I feel this is mostly used in our household 🙂
    Fingers crossed all!

  4. I have never tried them. But I definitely would like to try their Oven & Hob Cleaner. All of the degreasers I have tried, have been useless.

  5. The multi action spray is great for a general purpose surface cleaner. I didn’t know Ecover did shower gel so I would like to try that.

  6. I haven’t tried them but I’d love to try the fabric conditioner – I think unnatural chemicals in other products must be bad for your clothes and skin!

  7. I haven’t yet tried any but I would like to try their washing up liquid first. I seem to be always washing up that can leave my hands feeling very dry, when I don’t remember to wear rubber gloves. Also to see if the lather lasts well in the water too

  8. I’m a great fan of Ecover’s Non Bio Laundry Liquid and their Amongst the Flowers Fabric Conditioner – the only products my eczema-suffering children can tolerate

  9. I’d like to try the Multi-Action spray. I have 2 boys and I’ve never liked the idea of using harsh chemicals for cleaning an I would like to switch.

  10. As a vegan family, we often buy Ecover products. The Aloe Vera washing up liquid is really good and so is their non bio washing powder!

  11. I recommend the laundry liquid and the lemon washing up liquid, the both clean brilliantly and smell lovely without any nasties

  12. I would love to give their hand soap a go, all too often I end up with flaky skin with some of the supermarket bought ones!

  13. my energy supplier sent me a big box full of their products when I switched, I liked the washing up liquid but have not tried the new formula

  14. I use all the ecover products, i find it all great. Their old washing up liquid wasn’t the best but the new one they’ve brought out is great 🙂

  15. We use the washing up liquid all the while, loads better than the so call ‘named’ brands and you all know what they are 🙂 – PS our favourite ‘flavour’ is Lemon & Aloe Vera

  16. I’ve not tried them yet. I think I always buy the over advertised big brand name out of habit, but would like to give ecover a try!

  17. I have tried most of the products and use them regularly. My favourite product is the bathroom cleaner, it’s fab. Cleans the limescale off wonderfully.

  18. I use the ecover fabric conditioner and i love it ..its really sensitive for my kids skin yet still does a great job .love to try some other products of theirs too ☺

  19. I use Ecover all the time for washing and conditioning clothes, cleaning the toilets and washing up because we are on a reed bed sewage system.

  20. I like the e-clover washing up liquid as it goes along way and is gentle enough not to aggravate my eczema when i wash up with it 🙂


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