Teksta Scorpion Review

The new Teksta remote control Scorpion is the new wireless action, interactive robotic toy from Character Online and both Isaac and Kian love it.

The Teksta Scorpion is not controlled in a traditional way but instead has new motion control technology using a tilt sensor remote control which you attach to the back of your hand. Tilt forward and your Scorpion moves forward, tilt back your scorpion reverses, and tilt left and right to turn corners.

The Teksta Scorpion does not come with batteries and needs 4 X AA in the scorpion itself and and 2 X AAA in the remote control, so do bear this in mind if buying as a Christmas present.

Teksta Scorpion

The Teksta Remote Control Scorpion moves are quick, precise and almost eerie as it scuttles around the floor. It comes with a small barrel which you can pick up with the Scorpions Pincers but the thing we want to try next is a robotic Scorpion battle which you can have with up to 6 scorpions at one time.

It is a fun toy to play with but the legs come off far to easily and it is worth bearing this mind if you have a younger child at home too, although they are easy to re-attach.

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