Project 365 2015 – Week 41

This week has been much quieter than the previous one. I cannot believe how exhausted I felt after #BlogOnWin but thankfully I am all recovered now.

Last Sunday I wanted to stay at home and relax but the kids had other ideas so we loaded their scooters into the car and headed off to the park behind my friends house for some racing fun.

On Monday I had my longed for quiet day with all four children at school, but I did have to head out for water polo with Isaac that evening and watched him score his first ever goal!

Tuesday was another quiet day catching up with bits and bobs at home, but I did get an email to say I had won a photo competition with Farmer Palmers, so on Wednesday I headed out there with Sebastian to claim my prize. I had won two family tickets, as two photo’s had won, but I exchanged them for two annual passes for Isaac and Eliza so we can head there whenever we want for the next year.

Thursday was school disco night where I was helping out, but I did proudly watch as Isaac and Eliza both won awards for their dancing.

Friday was our weekly swimming lesson with Sebby and they have just started using Swimfins. Sebby wasn’t sure at first but did brilliantly. We need to change his swimming position in the water and point his legs downwards now.

On Saturday we had friends over to stay and Sebby insisted we blow bubbles in the garden.

Here is my week in pictures:

week 41

277. Y Flicker fun at the park

278. Isaac about to score his very first water polo goal

279. Giving our Cicciobella doll a drink

280. Drawing in the mud with a stick at Farmer Palmers

281. School Disco

282. Swimming with Turtle Tots

283. Blowing Bubbles

7 thoughts on “Project 365 2015 – Week 41”

  1. I love the swim fin. I do wonder whether N should have one rather than the rubbish float belt that was the nearest I could get to what they use at lessons. It’s just too buiky. My only issues with the swim fins are back swimming isn’t possible and also it’s all or nothing.

    Looks like a busy week. Well done to the 2 of them for their dancing.


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