Your mission should you choose to accept it…….

With James Bond in the cinema’s at the moment becoming an international spy is top of many boys career plans, although I am not sure how cool it would be in real life.

We were sent the SpyNet Laser Tripwire Security System to review and Isaac could not wait to get started.

The set takes 6 AAA batteries and takes a while to set up, especially when bouncing the laser beam off the reflectors which come with suckers so you can attach them to windows and mirrors. Getting the perfect angle takes concentration and a gentle adjustment on the hinge, but when we finally did it the set was great fun to play with. Tip – don’t stand in front of the laser beam.

The 360 Laser beam device and reflectors allows you to guard small or large spaces. When the perimeter is breached, an alarm sounds so it is perfect to protect your spy HQ from spies (or bedroom from girls).

Spynet Laser Tripwire

Although it works perfectly well in daylight, we turned off the lights and closed the curtains and set up challenges for each other to capture the treasure without setting the alarm off.

It was great fun and even Sebby enjoyed joining in, although he was just copying Isaac’s moves. Every now and then I adjusted the mirrors to catch them out and make them set the alarm off which caused lots of giggles.

This is the perfect gift for any junior spy and will keep then active when cooped up indoors when the weather is bad.

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